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  • KDE vs. Gnome by A.Y. Siu
    One of the most common questions people new to Linux ask is "Should I use KDE or Gnome?" Unfortunately, the answers are usually useless--anything from "Just try each one to see what works for you" to "Gnome is much better." That said, selecting a desktop environment should probably be one of the last things you worry about as a Linux "newbie." Hardware detection, email set-up, etc. are far more important to day-to-day functioning than your desktop environment. It's sort of like just learning how to ski and worrying about the color of your skis--learn how to ski first! Also, most versions (or distributions) of Linux have a default desktop environment (for example, Blag and Ubuntu default to Gnome, and Mepis and PCLinuxOS default to KDE)
    A detailed comparison between Gnome and KDE
    and between desktop difference gnome kde should the use whats which
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  • Linux Enhanced SMBFS
    Defintely worth a read. Despite the advanced networking capabilities of Linux, the only network filesystem which is available seems to be NFS. There are others but they are either still in development, not free or not featured enough to act as a replacement for NFS... unitl now. Enter SMBFS. SMBFS allows Linux to mount a remote SMB share but until now it did not act like a UNIX file system, even if the remote host was Samba running on a UNIX or Linux machine. This page is the home of the CIFS for UNIX implementation for SMBFS. Along with the server side Samba implementation, directories can now be mounted across the network using SMB.
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    Note: Also look at:
  • Linux is Not Windows
    If you've been pointed at this page, then the chances are you're a relatively new Linux user who's having some problems making the switch from Windows to Linux. This causes many problems for many people, hence this article was written. Many individual issues arise from this single problem, so the page is broken down into multiple problem areas. If you really want the security and performance of a Unix-based OS but with a customer-focussed attitude and an world-renowned interface: Buy an Apple Mac. OS X is great. But don't get Linux: It will not do what you want it to do.
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    Note: If you really just want Windows without the malware and security issues: Read up on good security practices; install a good firewall, malware-detector, and anti-virus; replace IE with a more secure browser; and keep yourself up-to-date with security updates. There are people out there (myself includ ...moreed) who've used Windows since 3.1 days right through to XP without ever being infected with a virus or malware: you can do it too. Don't get Linux: It will fail miserably at being what you want it to be.
  • The Linux Desktop Myth by A.Y. Siu
    Great discussion article on why linux isn't on more desktops. It's entirely possible that you may not have heard of Linux. Maybe you own a Mac or Windows computer and don't read the technology news. You may have a TiVo, but it doesn't have a huge sticker on the box that reads "Powered by Linux" (even though it is). You may use Google, but it doesn't have any announcement on its homepage that it's run on Linux servers (even though it is). Whether you've heard of Linux or not--it probably plays a role in your life somehow.
    An in-depth look at the Linux desktop--present and future.
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  • MediaPlayerConnectivity | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
    Allow you to launch embed video of website in an external application with a simple click * Replace the stream by a simple button * And/Or add links to right click * Works with RealMedia, QuickTime, WindowsMedia, Playlists, Flash, background sounds, Nullsoft video, Shockwave * Allow the use of any capable media player (with command line support)
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  • Damn Small Linux (DSL), 50 megabytes of penguin power
    Damn Small Linux is a business card size (50MB) Live CD Linux distribution. Despite its minuscule size it strives to have a functional and easy to use desktop. Damn Small Linux has a nearly complete desktop, including XMMS (MP3, and MPEG), FTP client, links-hacked web browser, spreadsheet, email, spellcheck (US English), a word-processor, three editors (Nedit, nVi, Zile [emacs clone]), Xpdf, Worker (file manager), Naim (AIM, ICQ, IRC), VNCviwer, SSH/SCP server and client, DHCP client, PPP, PPPoE, a web server, calculator, Fluxbox window manager, system monitoring apps, USB support, and soon it will have PCMCIA support as well. If you like Damn Small Linux you can install it on your hard drive. Because all the applications are small and light it makes a very
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    Note: DSL was originally developed as an experiment to see how many usable desktop applications can fit inside a 50MB live CD. It was at first just a personal tool/toy. But over time Damn Small Linux grew into a community project with hundreds of development hours put into refinements including a fully au ...moretomated remote and local application installation system and a very versatile backup and restore system which may be used with any writable media including a hard drive, a floppy drive, or a USB device.
  • NSLU2-Linux
    This is the web presence of the NSLU2-Linux development group and user community. We discuss, develop and modify the firmware and hardware of the Linksys NSLU2, the Synology DS101, the Iomega NAS100d, the D-Link DSMG600, and other ixp4xx-based devices with large attached storage. Purchase a Linksys NSLU2 and join our community if you are interested in doing the same.
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    Note: As the device runs Linux, Linksys was required to release their source code as per the terms of the GNU General Public License. Due to the availability of source code and the relatively low cost of the device, there are several community projects centered around it. There are two main replacement fi ...morermwares available for the device; Unslung (based on official Linksys firmware)the other is OpenSlug, which is based on the Openembedded framework.
  • Unofficial Ubuntu dapper Wiki
    Unofficial Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) Starter Guide This guide was started by Chua Wen Kiat (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). It is now being maintained by the Linux Center of University of Latvia, and everyone else who is willing to contribute.
    all dapper ubuntu versions
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  • Window Managers for X an introduction by Matt Chapman
    Welcome to my guide to window managers and desktop environments for The X Window System, as used mainly by Linux and UNIX operating systems. Here you will find descriptions, screenshots and configuration files for all popular window managers, along with related resources, including a news and discussion area. Simply click on the appropriate links on the left, or below.
    A guide to window managers and desktops for the X Window System and Linux/UNIX
    afterstep amiwm ctwm fvwm fvwm-95 fvwm95 gnome icons kde linux managers mwm olvm olvwm sawfish system twm vtwm window x11 x11r6
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  • Xfld - linux distribution
    Xfld - 'Xfce live demo' - is a liveCD , demonstrating the latest version of Xfce desktop environment and providing a complete Gnu/Linux operating system (based on Ubuntu), which could be run directly from the CD. In contrast to the Xubuntu install CDs, the Xfld CD contains all tools and applications necessary for both productive usage with graphical interface and command line interface. Furthermore the main purpose of Xfld is demonstrating the latest Xfce.
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  • Amarok - rediscover your music
    Amarok is a very nice media-player for KDE. It can also be used with Gnome and gstreamer. Amarok has some very advanced playlist and music collection management tools.
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  • Linux Multimedia Hacks: Books: Kyle Rankin
    Linux Multimedia Hacks takes the best of Linux's multimedia tools and with step-by-step instructions shows even novice users how to do cool and useful things with images, audio, and video. It includes entry level hacks that nearly all Linux users will want, such as installing codecs for audio and video playback and managing thousands of photographs. Later, you'll find hacks that cover a variety of advanced projects, from ripping and organizing media files with metatags, to editing video and audio tracks, to creating your own DVDs. Basic or advanced, each hack stands on its own, so you can feel free to jump around to only the sections that interest you. Linux Multimedia Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming Images, Audio, and Video (9780596100766): Kyle Rankin: Books
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  • Anatomy of a well-intentioned Linux Troll - Ubuntu Forums
    A troll will always be successful on a Linux forum, and I'm about to explain why. Despite numerous protests of "Don't feed the trolls" and "The best thing to do is ignore posts like these," people will continue to respond to trolls because trolls (like Linux distros) come in different flavors and varieties. One troll in particular seems particularly impassioned and genuine and so always gets responses: The "If I can't use it, nobody can" troll
    Anatomy of a well-intentioned Linux Troll Community Cafe
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    Note: An interesting article on the problems of switching from windows to linux and the issues of the 'troll' user.
  • Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional by Keir Thomas
    Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional is the best-selling guide to the hottest new Linux distribution. Within its 600 in-depth pages, you’ll learn how to become a pro-level Linux user. The book starts by introducing you to the world of Linux. Then it outlines Ubuntu installation in illustrated steps, after which you’ll learn how to configure every piece of everyday tech hardware such as your Internet connection, printers, 3D graphics cards, Bluetooth devices, and much more. Then you’ll learn fun tasks such as listening to audio CDs and MP3s, watching movies, performing office tasks, and even image editing.
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  • Linux and Open Source Blog
    # This site is dedicated to News, Reviews, Thoughts and Trends in Linux and Open Source World. #
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  • Linux Basics . org [LBo]
    Linux course for people who want to learn what is under the hood of a Linux-System. If you are completely new to Linux, you might want to take a look at the LBox, a way to try out linux in a virtual environment, without danger for your running system. We also offer tutorials and links to sites that offer information needed to install and use Linux. We also run a friendly mailing-list for Questions that arise when people start using Linux. An IRC-channel completes the list of things you can find here. As a community, we depend on your feedback and collaboration. So, if you have something to share with others, please contact us. If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered here, please add it on the Wishlist.
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  • Ubuntu Australian Team
    Welcome to the website of the Ubuntu Australian Team. The Australian Team is made up of many members from around the country, with the goal of increasing awareness (and use) of Ubuntu within Australia. For more details on the team, please visit our page on the Ubuntu wiki.
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  • Ubuntu Linux | a community for beginners and experts
    Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for your desktop or server, with a fast and easy install, regular releases, a tight selection of excellent packages installed by default, every other package you can imagine available from the network, a commitment to security updates for 18 months after each release and professional technical support from many companies around the world. Our Ubuntu community wants to offer you everything you need for your Ubuntu experience. So please get involved and spread the Ubuntu (and Kubuntu) spirit!
    Ubuntu Linux for beginners. A blogging community with support forums and more. Start your own free blog and communicate with other Ubuntu interested people.
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    Note: Ubuntu Linux for beginners. A blogging community with support forums and more. Start your own free blog and communicate with other Ubuntu interested people.

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