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  • Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional by Keir Thomas
    Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional is the best-selling guide to the hottest new Linux distribution. Within its 600 in-depth pages, you’ll learn how to become a pro-level Linux user. The book starts by introducing you to the world of Linux. Then it outlines Ubuntu installation in illustrated steps, after which you’ll learn how to configure every piece of everyday tech hardware such as your Internet connection, printers, 3D graphics cards, Bluetooth devices, and much more. Then you’ll learn fun tasks such as listening to audio CDs and MP3s, watching movies, performing office tasks, and even image editing.
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  • StreamBOX-LiveCD
    What is StreamBOX-LiveCD? StreamBOX-LiveCD is a selfmade, KNOPPIX based Boot-CD, which is specially designed to stream MP3. Also there are some programs to stream in the OGG-Vorbis-Format. If you ask, why I reinvented the wheel, because you know of the very nice dyne:bolic project, please read my Dyne:bolic page. Concrete the following programs should help to get the streaming working...: * Dstream (selfmade, Dialog based script to stream with Freestream) * Tstream (selfmade, like Dstream, but with dump to the harddrive) * OGGstream (building the configfiles for darkice or ices...) * Freestream * Icecast Server I + II * Darkice * Ices2 * xmms-crossfade
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    Note: Also I wrote a detailled streaming-howto, which should teach people to stream over the internet very easily. You can grab this document as a postscript-file to print.

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