Search tips
Search Tips

The search feature lets you search for bookmarks. You can search either among all members' bookmarks or only among a specific member's bookmarks (visit that member's bookmarks page and search from there).

Your query is matched against the name, description and tags of each bookmark and it is not case sensitive (it doesn't matter if you use upper or lower case letters). You can compose your query using the AND, OR and NOT operators. The following examples show how to compose your query:

QueryReturns all bookmarks...
cd or dvdcontaining either the word "cd" or the word "dvd"
cd and dvd not copycontaining both the word "cd" and "dvd" but not the word "copy"
"cd burn"containing the exact text "cd burn" (e.g. cd burning)


  • If you enter multiple words without any operator, e.g. cd dvd burn, the operator used is "AND", so only bookmarks that contain all of the words are returned. It is the same as entering cd and dvd and burn.