The idea behind Netvouz is that you should always have access to your bookmarks. Regardless if you are at your computer at home, at work, in school, at a friend's place or outdoors surfing from your cell phone. By keeping your bookmarks on Netvouz you always have instant access to them, regardless of where you are and which computer you are using!

On Netvouz you can also be social and share your bookmarks with other users and, of course, also benefit from other users' bookmarks. It's a great way to find new great web sites in your areas of interest!

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Your own bookmarks page

On Netvouz you get your own bookmarks page (example) which gives you a good overview of your favorite web sites and quick access to them. You organize your bookmarks in folders and tag each bookmark with keywords so you easily can find them. On your bookmarks page you can also search among your own bookmarks as well as other users' public bookmarks.

Public and private bookmarks

Your bookmarks can either be public, allowing your friends and anyone else visiting Netvouz to use them or private, protected by a password. Or both - you can have some bookmarks public and some private.


The bookmarks you use most often can be marked as "Hotpicks" and are then always displayed on the top of your bookmarks page. Always at hand!

Automatic link checking

Web sites come and go, and they move... Our automatic link checker cares about your links and regularly verifies that all your bookmarks are valid and alerts you in case they are not. And if a web site is moved permanently we automatically update your links to point to the new address.

Easily bookmark new sites

Using the Add2Netvouz button, adding new bookmarks is as easy as clicking a button in your browser whenever you come across a new web page you want to bookmark.

Import and export

Easily import your existing browser bookmarks to Netvouz - and export them back if you want to. We currently support importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox (and any other browser using the Netscape bookmarks file format), Opera, del.icio.us, RawSugar, and Kaylon Powermarks 3.5 as well as Netvouz proprietary XML format. Your bookmarks can be exported to HTML format (which can be imported into Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.) or Netvouz proprietary XML format.

RSS, JavaScript and HTML feeds

All public bookmarks are available as RSS, JavaScript and HTML feeds so you easily can subscribe to them in an RSS viewer, or automatically display them on your blog, if you have one.

Clean user interface

Netvouz has a clean user interface which loads very fast, even over slow connections.

Getting started wizard

After signing up our getting started wizard will get you going in no time!

[Go to top]System requirements

Netvouz has been tested and works with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Although it has not yet been tested with other browsers and platforms, we believe it should work well with most combinations.

Netvouz uses JavaScript so it must be enabled in your browser.

For information on cookies, see about cookies.

[Go to top]It's FREE

Netvouz is free of charge! No signup fees, no monthly fees, no paid premium service etc. It's just free.

[Go to top]Feedback

Netvouz is still evolving and we appreciate your ideas and feedback on how we can improve our service further. If you have any ideas or comments on our service, please send us an email at .