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  • NSLU2-Linux
    This is the web presence of the NSLU2-Linux development group and user community. We discuss, develop and modify the firmware and hardware of the Linksys NSLU2, the Synology DS101, the Iomega NAS100d, the D-Link DSMG600, and other ixp4xx-based devices with large attached storage. Purchase a Linksys NSLU2 and join our community if you are interested in doing the same.
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    Note: As the device runs Linux, Linksys was required to release their source code as per the terms of the GNU General Public License. Due to the availability of source code and the relatively low cost of the device, there are several community projects centered around it. There are two main replacement fi ...morermwares available for the device; Unslung (based on official Linksys firmware)the other is OpenSlug, which is based on the Openembedded framework.
  • Installing TwonkyMedia 3.1 on an NSLU2
    This site details how to install TwonkyMedia 3.1 on a LinkSys NSLU2. The first time I did it was a nightmare, which I described in this post to the TwonkyVision forum. In retrospect I did too much research, which lead to lots of conflicting advice ā€” probably much of it out of date. TwonkyVision may one day make this recipe obsolete or unnecessary, but until then these are "tried and true" recipes, which I hope you'll benefit from.
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    Note: If you're looking for a low-cost, low-noise, low-energy-consumption Media Server for your home or business (hint: a pub or restaurant), here it be. You need a Linksys NSLU2 ($80 - $100), a USB hard drive ($60-$150), TwonkyMedia 3.1 ($35-$53), a few bits of free software, and ā€” if music playback is y ...moreour primary interest ā€” a UPnP music player like the Roku SoundBridge ($150).

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