Netvouz normally uses only a so called session cookie, which is a small piece of information your browser stores in your computer's memory (not on the hard disk) while you use Netvouz. The information stored in this cookie is the language to display the Netvouz pages in, if you are logged in or not etc. The cookie is completely anonymous and does not contain any personal information. When you close the browser the cookie is removed and the information it contained is lost.

If you choose to use the feature to automatically log you on, Netvouz also needs to use a so called persistent cookie. This is a small file that is written to your hard disk. In this file we store only the information that is required to log you on automatically, which is your username and a so called challenge string (not your password), and the information is encrypted. This file is not removed when you close your browser. To use the automatic login feature you must allow persistent cookies from