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  • Ajax Office
    A complete office suite usable via your browser. Your documents are safely stored on a server so that you don't have to worry about backups and you can access them from every computer in the world! <br><br> AJAX OFFICE is to Microsoft Office what GMail (Google Mail) is to Microsoft OutLook <br><br> The free software version: AJAX OFFICE is to OpenOffice what GMail (Google Mail) is to Mozilla Thunderbird
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  • - Bringing the web back provides you with the tools to publish all of your personal content online. Using our service, with the touch of a button, you can share information on any topic: personal interests, hobbies, travel or work projects. You may then connect your blog to those of other people with similar interests, participating on the global web. <br><br> Features:<br> <ul> <li>One click publishing</li> <li>Photo Albums</li> <li> domain</li> <li>Comments</li> <li>Themeable</li> </ul>
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  • Advanced Feed Processing for Atom, RDF and RSS. Create new feeds by filtering, merging and sorting existing feed
    BlogSieve is a free web-based tool that creates new feeds by filtering, merging and sorting existing feeds. The BlogSieve engine accepts virtually every (valid) feed format, processed results are then exported into any feed format you choose.
    Blog Sieve is a free atom, rdf and rss filtering, merging and sorting tool, this page is about web tool, free web based, rdf, atom and odin
    atom based free magpie odin rdf tool web
    with blogs feeds refeed rss
  • Blu-ray Camp Confident About Dominance in Market
    Chances looked slim that consumers will be spared a DVD format war, as the Blu-Ray backers of one standard said on Friday there was no common ground for a unified format and it was on track for a market launch within a year. "If we want a unified standard, it has to be better than the sum of the parts. We would like to find something that's better in the other standard than ours, but we haven't found it," said Frank Simonis, a spokesman for backers of the Blu-ray standard. Speaking on the sidelines of the IFA consumer electronics trade fair, Simonis said the Blu-ray association was ready to lay down the specifications of the higher-capacity DVD format in the spring of 2006.
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  • Current Crop of web-based Office apps
    From Read/Write Web: <br><br> "But really the most interesting web-based Office apps are the current crop of Web 2.0-style apps, built by small start-ups or open source developers. Ajax seems to be a common denominator amongst a lot of them." <br><br> "Is the development of this new kind of "Web 2.0" Office tool likely to be worrying Microsoft much at this stage?" <br><br> I think it is. If they will be free.<br> Web2.0 is the future. I will for shure use Web 2.0 apps more and more.
    Read/WriteWeb is a blog about Web 2.0 and Social Media trends, written by Richard MacManus.
    2.0 analysis i macmanus multimedia read-write richard social software strategy technology two-way web web2 web2.0 web20 writing
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  • Extensions -- View formatted source (format source extension)
    Displays formatted and color-coded source and optional CSS information for each element. You can see exactly which CSS rules match for an element. The rules are displayed including file name and line number. The topmost element is that with the highest priority. You can fold/unfold/hilite block elements (table, tr, td, div, span,...). Really cool feature: select a block level element of interest directly in the page and view it's source! To help you to quickly analyze the source code you can view images directly from the source and add comments to folded block elements. The code view is based on the rendered document, so you will also see dynamically (by Javascript) created and modified html elements! Works also with frames and selected text.
    with extensions firefox
  • Firefox Preloader
    Firefox Preloader is a utility that is designed to load parts of Mozilla Firefox into memory before it is used to improve the its startup time.
    Firefox Preloader is a utility that is designed to load parts of Mozilla Firefox into memory before it is used to improve the its startup time.
    browsers code community development downloads free open secure software source
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  • MediaTuner - Rich Media RSS Aggregator Reader and Player
    MediaTuner, an easy-to-use webbased Rich Media Aggregator and Player. <br><br> MediaTuner allows you to easily manage both Text and Rich Media RSS Feeds, all through your browser. <br><br> With the proprietary MediaTuner Universal Player/Viewer, you can view and listen to: <br><br> Video Blogs, Podcasts, Images, Streaming Video, Audio, Text Blogs and News.
    Network Solutions - Original domain name registration and reservation services with variety of internet-related business offerings. Quick, dependable and reliable.
    address com domain dot forwarding internic mail name names net org people registrar registration registry tld web whois
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  • One Click Blog Pinging Services - Alternatives to Pingomatic
    Pinging lets dozens of services which specifically track and connect blogs to know you’ve updated so they can come check you out. I was using Pingomatic for several months, but maybe it has become so popular, that it many times does not connect for me or works very slow. So what are alternatives to Pingomatic?
    with free ping service
  • Panasonic TH-65PX500 1080p Plasma HDTV
    Panasonic, the leading brand for which Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is known, today announced it will launch the world's first 65-inch 1080p (progressive) high-definition (HD) plasma TV TH-65PX500 on November 1 and three new entry-level PX50 series HD plasma TVs with 50-, 42- and 37-inch displays on September 10 in Japan. Mr. Shunzo Ushimaru, Director of Corporate Marketing Division for Panasonic Brand in Japan, said, "The TH-65PX500 marks a milestone in the development of plasma TVs. We capitalized on our expertise in developing and mass-producing the 65-inch plasma panels featuring 1920 horizontal × 1080 vertical resolution. We also added three basic HD plasma TVs. Now, our VIERA line includes nine plasma models ranging in screen size from
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  • Pingoat - The stable of all pings
    What in the world is Pingoat! ?<br> Pingoat is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents, thus increasing your blog's popularity.
    Ping over fifty blog services instantly. Pingoat also has an XML-RPC server. Ping services like Technorati, newsgator,feedster..
    and blog google ping sitemap traffic
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  • Real-time HTML Editor
    <h3>Welcome to the real-time HTML editor!</h3> <p>Type HTML in the textarea above, and it will magically appear in the frame below.</p> <br><br> Try this. It's pretty cool :)
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  • Simply Audiobooks - Rent Audio Books on CD
    As a member, you browse the website and select titles that you would like to listen to by placing them in your bookshelf. We ship your first two selections immediately. As you return each individual selection, we'll replace it with the next one in your bookshelf. In the event your selection is in transit when it comes time to ship, it becomes priority wait-listed and we will send the next available title in your bookshelf. <br><br> I really hope that some service like this comes to Sweden.<br> BraFilm or Boxman are you listening? :)
    Rent unlimited audio books on CD. Over 22,000 titles. Get a free 15 day trial at Simply Audiobooks
    audio audiobooks books free ipod mp3 tape
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  • SmartyPress - Smarty Driven WordPress
    SmartyPress<br> is another Smarty driven WordPress project. It looks interesting, and I had the thought that it might be possible to paste an alternative template system into WordPress by piggy-backing on top of the current system. The home.php, single.php, index.php files of the various themes could be loaders for another more secure templating system rather than PHP. It would certainly make editing templates and securing them against abuse easier, although for we have even fancier ideas to be announced later!
    SmartyPress is another Smarty driven WordPress project. It looks interesting, and I had the thought that it might be possible ...
    with blogging software wordpress wp
  • News: released (no more "/3")
    From the homepage: late last night we removed the "/3" from - it's now available without puzzles or obfuscation, at (although still a "preview") <br><br> primarily driven by your feedback, here are some of the highlights: <br><br> <ul> * feed read/unread support * more/fewer headlines * auto-refresh for feeds * many improvemens on: o look and feel o feed subscriptions o default experience o sidebar behavior * as we as many bug fixes </ul> released (no more "/3") - Windows Live
    blogging friends lists live networking photos sharing social spaces windows
    with aggregator ajax rss
  • Wanna wiki? PBWiki is quicki
    If you’re looking for a way to dive into wiki and have no interest/time/money to set up your own or purchase a hosted solution, definitely give PBWiki a try. Even if you’re familiar with wiki and don’t have the interest/time to set up your own solution, this is a good way to go.
    with free hosting wwiki
  • wavpack 4.22 Out
    Wavpack is a completely open audio compression format providing lossless, high-quality lossy, and a unique hybrid compression mode. Although the technology is loosely based on previous versions of Wav Pack, the new version 4 format has been designed from the ground up to offer unparalleled performance and functionality. <br><br> In the default lossless mode Wav Pack acts just like a WinZip? compressor for audio files. However, unlike MP3 or WMA encoding which can affect the sound quality, not a single bit of the original information is lost, so there's no chance of degradation. This makes lossless mode ideal for archiving audio material or any other situation where quality is paramount. The compression ratio depends on the source material, but generally i
    with audio lossless wavpack
  • Winamp5.1 RC3 with AAC+v2 encoder leaked
    From HydrogenAudio:<br><br> "I wrote standalone commandline tool based on Winamp Plugin API to use enc_aacplus.dll <br> my source code is based onto The Winamp Transcoder plugin." <br><br> Note! Original enc_aacplus.dll not included - you need to download Winamp 5.1 to get it! <br><br> Note! You need at least in_wave.dll (input winamp plugin) to encode WAV file (not included too) <br><br> Note! Tool was tested with in_wave.dll and in_mp3.dll only (but other formats may work too)
    with aac audio winamp
  • Xilisoft DVD to PSP Suite: Convert DVD to PSP video, Sony PSP movie converter
    Xilisoft DVD to PSP Suite is an easy-to-use DVD to PSP movie converter which can rip DVD and convert DVD to Sony PlayStation Portable video format MP4 with hight quality, fast conversion speed. The DVD to PSP Suite includes Xilisoft DVD Ripper and Xilisoft PSP Video Converter. You can copy DVD movie to almost all popular video formats such as VCD, SVCD, DivX, MPEG, AVI etc with DVD Ripper and PSP Video Converter helps you convert all popular video and audio formats to PSP video and PSP MP3. Download Xilisft DVD to PSP Suite for free and enjoy DVD movie on your PSP now.
    Powerful DVD to PSP converter Suite, convert DVD to PSP, PSP Go, PS3, PS3 Slim MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, convert various video to PSP/PS3 movie fast with high quality.
    convert converter dvd fully movie ps3 psp slim supports
    with consoles converter dvd games portable psp video
  • Xilisoft PSP Video Converter - Convert Video to PSP movie, MP4 video converter
    Xilisoft PSP Video Converter is a powful MP4 video converter which helps you convert video to Sony PSP movie (.MP4 file). The PSP Video Converter is capable of converting almost all popular video such as DVD, VCD, SVCD, MOV, RM, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, AVI to PSP video format (H.264/MPEG-4), all the conversion processes are very easy and fast with hight quality. In addtional, the PSP Video Converter also provides a powerful way to convert video and all pupolur audio file (WMA, AAC, M4A, AC3, OGG, etc) to PSP MP3. Download PSP video and PSP MP3 to your PSP and enjoy PSP movies and PSP music with 16:9 wide screen now!
    Xilisoft PSP Video Converter is a fast PSP, PSP Go, PS3 Slim converter software to convert video to PSP MP4, convert video to PSP H.264/MPEG-4 AVC videos.
    convert converter fully movie mp4 ps3 psp slim supports video
    with consoles converter games portable psp video

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