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  • Gamestar Mechanic - Teachers Page
    We're glad that you are taking an interest in Gamestar Mechanic - we are committed to making this new game-based learning platform engaging, educational and empowering - for both kids and teachers! This Welcome Package will provide answers to the following questions: What is Gamestar Mechanic? Who is the team behind Gamestar Mechanic? What can students learn from Gamestar Mechanic? What is the pedagogy behind Gamestar Mechanic? Who is Gamestar Mechanic designed for? Do I need to be a gamer or game designer to teach Gamestar Mechanic? What are the technical requirements for Gamestar Mechanic? How much does Gamestar Mechanic cost? How do I get started?
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  • Ecology Quiz
    One of a bunch of quizzes on high school content area materials. The ecology test is 30 questions long, and they're actually quite relevant questions. I even got a couple wrong!!
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    Little deceptive problem stories are presented to the class, and students are challenged to solve each problem by asking only yes/no questions. The key is for students to recognize what the False Assumption is that makes the solution tricky, and that many common problems are difficult to solve because we tend to assume a particular paradigm. Things are not always what they seem! Science is a way to work around or through those false assumptions. PRINCIPAL CONCEPT Scientific knowledge is contingent and subject to modification. ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS Science contains an element of uncertainty. ASSESSABLE OBJECTIVES Students will.... 1. related insights from this activity to their personal lives. 2. be unable to solve thought problems because of false a
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  • National Geographic Explorer Shark Trails Game
    Shark Trails Game is interactive interview for a job as a marine biologist. Students answer questions about sharks aiming for 10/10 to get the job. Questions are fairly easy, but they require common sense applied to unfamiliar material.
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