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  • National Geographic Explorer Shark Trails Game
    Shark Trails Game is interactive interview for a job as a marine biologist. Students answer questions about sharks aiming for 10/10 to get the job. Questions are fairly easy, but they require common sense applied to unfamiliar material.
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  • Travels in the Great Tree of Life - Peabody Museum at Yale
    10' video "Discovering the Great Tree of Life." Biodiversity and relationships from one organism to another. Mention high technologies. Tells that Darwin was first to compare Earth's life to a tree - now called a phylogeny. GREAT animation of physical separation, mutation, and explains branching of the tree. Talk of characteristics of species in terms of morphology and DNA technologies. Discuss phylogeny in terms of experimental approach--number of solutions in building the tree for 50 species is more than the number of atoms in the universe. Development of new theory, massive amounts of data, and huge advances in computing allow us to study. Example of Reflesia, the corpse flower, which are the biggest flowers in the world. Their closest relatives are m...
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  • Why Study the Great Tree of Life - Yale's Peabody Museum
    4' video talks about everyday reasons to Study the Tree of Life. Talk about crop resistance, conservation of endangered species, maintaining healthy ecosystems through biodiversity, and optimizing ecological services that keep air and water clean.
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