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  • AllMusic
    Created in 1995. is a music database. All genres and styles of music are covered here, ranging from the most commercially popular to the most obscure. We critique albums and artists within the context of their own genres - from opera to garage rock to traditional country.
    The source for music information. Read artist biographies and album reviews. Find the best of new and upcoming releases. Stay in the loop with our newsletter. From rap to country and electronic to classical, we are the source for information about the music you love.
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  • The Mountain Goats: The Sunset Tree - PopMatters Music Review by Peter Funk
    The emotions on The Sunset Tree are raw. It's a testament to Darnielle's abilities that he reins in those emotions enough to create such a powerful and coherent exhibit of his internal life. Whether Darnielle consciously intends this album to be his introduction to the rarified air of such acclaimed "confessional" singer/songwriters as Tracy Chapman, Elliot Smith, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan (there I said it) or not, these names are likely to begin to be mentioned with regularity as Darnielle moves forward.
    John Darnielle tears into his past and paws through the bloody remains, creating a powerful set of songs from the viscera.
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  • Iggy Pop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    James Newell Osterberg, Jr. (born on April 21, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan), better known by his stage name Iggy Pop, is an American punk rock singer and occasional actor. Although he has had only limited commercial success, Pop is considered one of the most important innovators of punk rock and related styles.
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  • Lily Allen
    Lily Allen is the 21 year old strange glint in her eyes singer/writer who has been tearing up the web at a rate of knots. When she was a young girl- "I was very lonely actually. I went to 13 different schools so never had time to make enduring friendships. Music became a lifeline to me." Born in Hammersmith.
    Welcome to the official Lily Allen website - the best place for everything Lily like. Take a look around and make sure you sign up to the mailing list to get a free MP3 and we'll keep you in the loop on all news, gig info, releases etc etc. There's also loads of press cuttings, interview footage, downloadsLily's 'top tens' and her blog - oh and make sure you check out the mixtapes
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  • allmusic; The Mountain Goats
    The Mountain Goats at
    <a href="">The Mountain Goats</a> are, for all practical purposes, the endlessly clever and …
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  • kaen
    a large netlabel database and regular mixsets available for download. Netlabels often work like traditional record labels to produce and promote music projects (such as albums or compilations). Most employ guerrilla marketing to promote their work. Few netlabels earn money for participants. The primary difference between netlabels and record labels is that netlabels emphasize free downloads, as opposed to physical publishing (CD, vinyl or DVD). Often, the music is released under licenses that encourage sharing, such as the Creative Commons Licenses. Artists typically retain the copyright.
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  • The Cowbell - Saturday Night Live comedy sketch
    "More Cowbell" is a line from a April 8, 2000 Saturday Night Live comedy sketch about the recording of the song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys. The foundation of rock music. Occasionally strings are used to give a lush, orchestral feel. But we all know when a song needs that extra oomph, that extra push over the top, there's only one thing that will satisfy: The Cowbell.
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    Note: Background: In a BEHIND THE MUSIC parody from SNL, Walken plays a famous producer insisting that "More Cowbell" is the key to making Blue Oyster Cult's "Dont Fear the Reaper"
  • Amoeba Music
    Store that buys and sells new and used records, cds, tapes, videos, laser discs, collectibles and posters.
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  • Architecture In Helsinki
    The Australian indie pop octet Architecture in Helsinki hails from Fitzroy, Melbourne, and counts multi-instrumentalists Cameron Bird, James Cecil, Gus Franklin, Isobel Knowles, Jamie Mildren, Sam Perry, Tara Shackell, and Kellie Sutherland among its ranks. The band's musical arsenal is even bigger than its roster, featuring instruments as diverse as analog synths and samplers, glockenspiel, tuba, clarinet, and recorder along with the more predictable drums, bass, and guitar.
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  • Australian Music Online
    Australian Music Online (AMO) is a web-based initiative designed to promote all new Australian music through a network of local and international content.
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    Beat Magazine is your ultimate street press source for all music and touring news, arts, reviews and club content. Featuring Melbourne's most comprehensive gig guide and club guide, Beat is the only bookmark you'll ever need in your life!
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  • chrisbull's User Page -
    The system builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste, showing their favourite artists and songs on a customizable profile webpage, comprising the songs played on its stations selected via a collaborative filter, or optionally, recorded by a plugin installed into its users' music playing application.
    Listen to chrisbull’s personal radio station (40,504 tracks played). chrisbull’s top artists: The Mountain Goats, Radiohead, EelsGet your own music profile at, the world’s largest social music platform.
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  • Clare Bowditch
    Clare Bowditch is an Australian musician from Melbourne, Victoria. She came to prominence in 2005 with the release of her second album What Was Left, which received excellent critical reviews, high rotation airplay on radio station Triple J and moderate commercial success. She was one of the founding members of Red Raku, a folk band that released two albums, before moving onto her solo work. Between 2000 and 2001 she moved to Canada to study ethnomusicology/songwriting. Her folk-pop style has been compared to that of Cat Power and Beth Orton. She plays the guitar. She has a daughter, Asha, with her partner and frequent musical collaborator, Marty Brown.
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  • DJ Shadow
    Official site with tour information, biography, discography, images, audio/video, news, merchandise,...
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  • Earthcore
    Earthcore is Australia's largest and longest running outdoor dance music festival and electronic music events organisation. For twelve years Earthcore has hosted over 200 events ranging from massive 7 day outdoor festivals, weekly club nights, warehouse parties, one off large scale club raves, events on boats and even moving trains.
    Gathering together to enjoy the yellow sunshine
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  • Eels: Official Band Website
    Although marketed as a band, the leader and focus of alt-rockers Eels is undeniably singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist E (real name Mark Oliver Everett).
    Eels Official Web site, mp3, video, lyrics, pictures, news, tour dates, discography, store, and exclusive live record!
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  • Ember Swift
    Ember Swift has been performing since she was ten years old. She started writing songs when she was nine, and performed her original work for the first time in grade eight (at age 13). Throughout high school, Ember submitted songs for school projects and would regularly charm her teachers into letting her write music rather than poetry or essays. I guess she was convincing!
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  • Erik Friedlander - Overview -
    Cellist Erik Friedlander grew up exposed to R&B and jazz since his father photographed many album covers for Atlantic during the '50s and '60s. During his childhood and high school years, Friedlander was involved in chamber groups, his school orchestra, and a local rock band. He enrolled at Columbia University in 1978 to pursue a music degree, but it wasn't until a year later, upon hearing and speaking with bassist Harvie Swartz, that Friedlander decided to become a professional musician. Shortly thereafter, he joined Swartz's quintet, and the group released Underneath It All on Gramavision.
    Cellist <a href="">Erik Friedlander</a> grew up exposed to R&B and jazz since his father …
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  • Hotchip - myspace
    we started making music because we were bored with alot of other music. We loved the idea of 'pop' music but not the people who make 'pop' music now. We loved Phil Spector and the Beach Boys, Kraftwerk and Robert Wyatt, timbaland and Madlib, Brian Eno and Devo, Anti-Pop Consortium and Aphex Twin, Will Oldham and Royal Trux. We decided to make our band different from most electronic music by playing everything live- no backing tracks, no computers.
    MySpace Profile - Hot Chip, London, , UK, Fulfilling our obligations!
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    The Social Music Revolution
    The world’s largest online music catalogue, powered by your scrobbles. Internet radio, videos, photos, stats, charts, biographies and concerts.
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