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  • Cryptome
    [wikipedia:] Cryptome is a website hosted in the United States since 1996 by independent scholars[1] and architects John Young and Deborah Natsios[2] that functions as a repository for information about freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance. According to the site: Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and secret governance—open, secret and classified documents—but not limited to those.[3] Cryptome hosted documents, consisting of over 54,000 files,[4] include suppressed photographs of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, lists of people believed to be MI6 agents
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  • Developing Expertise Notes
    Developing Expertise Notes Contents Role of Deliberate Practice The Acquisition of Expert Performance The Acquisition of Medical Expertise Reasoning and Instruction in Medical Curricula Changing the Agency for Learning Field Study in SW Design Brooks on Great Designers Conceptualizations of Practice
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  • Getting Back To Work: A Personal Productivity Toolkit ||
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  • How to Virtualize Your Workforce - wikiHow
    Enterprise Mobility: The ability for an enterprise to communicate with suppliers, partners, employees, assets, products, and customers irrespective of location. <<management>>
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  • How to Write More Clearly, Think More Clearly, and Learn Complex Material More Easily
    Michael A. Covington Artificial Intelligence Center The University of Georgia. (Html slide presentation)
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  • La tentation du Tout
    Alors existe-t-il un moyen de quadriller le territoire à la fois plus complètement, plus précisément et avec moins d’efforts. La réponse est oui. Comment ? Grâce à certains outils et services d’ores et déjà disponibles qui permettent de ne plus rien perdre d’une session de surf et, plus globalement, de tout ce que l’on fait sur le web et qui, une fois réduit à sa plus simple expression, se trouve être une suite de clics (clickstream). Des clics comme autant de pas vers un objectif, pas en avant, de côté, de géant, en arrière parfois, mais pas qui tracent inexorablement des pistes inédites dans le web, nouveaux chemins qui se voient attribuer la valeur qu’on accorde à toute « carte au trésor »<<management>>
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  • Boing Boing: Artnatomy facial expression learning tool
    The Flash interface enables you to visually explore how the movements of specific muscles contort our faces into emotional expressions <<medicine>> <<anatomy>>
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  • Exquisite anatomy: the art of medical models | MetaFilter
    Historical anatomy models were a marriage of art and science. From about the 13th to the 19th centuries, exquisite wax models were the state of the art. Florence's La Specola anatomical wax museum houses the works of master artists, such as Ercole Lelli, Anna Morandi, and Clemente Susini. The later years of wax models tended towards the grotesque: moulage and depictions of pathological conditions and physical anomalies. Due to the labor required and delicacy of wax models, papier-mâché became the favored production method in the 19th century, partly due to the ability to dissect the models. Over time, models became more stylized to protect the delicate sensibilities of the public. Today, models are again shocking the public with extreme realism.
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  • How to Know When Ice is Safe - WikiHow
    # Recognize that determining the safety of ice is dependent on a combination of factors, not on one factor alone. Ice safety is determined by assessing the following factors together: * Appearance of the ice - its color, texture and features * Thickness of the ice - there are recommended thicknesses for different uses, which are set out below * External temperature over a period of time and on the day * Snow coverage * Depth of water under ice * Size of water body * Chemical composition of water - whether water is fresh or salty * Local climate fluctuations * Extent of ice
    Ice - deceptively beautiful Walking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing (with or without a car), cross-country skiing and playing sports are dangerous pastimes when you don't know how to tell if ice is thick enough to withstand weight. There are ways
    abs avoid car escape from has hike ice know obstacle rescue safe safely sinking slippery someone surface when who without
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  • How To Look Like A UNIX Guru Terence Parr
    Terence Parr Last updated: August 30, 2006 UNIX is an extremely popular platform for deploying server software partly because of its security and stability, but also because it has a rich set of command line and scripting tools. Programmers use these tools for manipulating the file system, processing log files, and generally automating as much as possible. If you want to be a serious server developer, you will need to have a certain facility with a number of UNIX tools; about 15. You will start to see similarities among them, particularly regular expressions, and soon you will feel very comfortable. Combining the simple commands, you can build very powerful tools very quickly--much faster than you could build the equivalent functionality in C or Java, for e
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  • No Tech Magazine: Bookbinding: a tutorial
    Step-by-step instructions. More tutorials can be found here, here and here.
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  • Polaris
    Identify constellations, stars, planets and how to navigate at night
    Find Navigating By The Stars, Toronto Hotel and more at Get the best of Consumer Report or Movie Rental Online, browse our section on Astronomy Magazine or learn about Science. is the site for Navigating By The Stars.
    consumer hotel navigating report stars the toronto
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  • Resilient Communities a SANER future - Sustainable, Asymmetric, Networked, Effective, Resilient
    We're committed to growing resilient communities. As the global economic and political system begins to devour itself, we need communities that can withstand those system shocks, and provide us the means to live secure, comfortable, and sustainable lives. Our goal is to provide a place where people who are engaged in this work can share their experiences, tools, and presence
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  • Temple of the Seven Golden Camels: Hitchcock - Lifeboat
    Character Introductions
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  • FLICKA: photoshoping cosmopolitan cover
    She's a model and she's looking good I'd like to take her home that's understood She plays hard to get, she smiles from time to time It only takes a camera to change her mind She's going out tonight but drinking just champagne And she has been checking nearly all the men She's playing her game and you can hear them say She is looking good, for beauty we will pay She's posing for consumer products now and then For every camera she gives the best she can I saw her on the cover of a magazine Now she's a big success, I want to meet her again <<photoshop>>
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  • How to Draw Graffiti Names - wikiHow
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  • How to Learn Morse Code
    Morse Code was first used in the 1840s, and even after more than 160 years, it is still used today, especially by amateur radio operators. In 1844, Samuel F.B. Morse developed this code, which can be sent quickly over the telegraph. It's also useful for emergency signaling (SOS) with a radio, mirror, or flashlight, and even for people with severe disabilities to communicate. Plus, you can probably communicate faster with Morse code than you can with SMS text messaging![1] In order to master Morse code, however, you need to approach it like a new language. Here's how to get started.
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  • Produktsupport Sony Ericsson
    Program, installation och inställningar Nerladdning av program Nerladdning av program * Sony Ericssons uppdateringstjänst * Hämta inställningar via SMS direkt till telefonen och börja använda mobilt Internet . Mobilt Internet (WAP) Hämta inställningar via SMS direkt till telefonen och börja använda e-post på telefonen E-post Hämta inställningar via SMS direkt till telefonen och börja använda bildmeddelanden Interaktiva presentationer som ökar din kunskap Tips och tricks Hur du skapar en trådlös anslutning mellan din telefon och ett Bluetooth®-tillbehör Kombineringsanvisningar * Snabbguider som hjälper dig börja använda de funktioner som ger produkten mervärde Användarhandböcker
    Support Användarhandböcker, hur du kommer igång, felsökning och annan information om din mobiltelefon
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  • Resource Room: Reading Comprehension - Vocabulary Activities
    Vocabulary is a weak area for many students, but much "vocabulary instruction" ends up being handwriting practice. Edwin Ellis and Theresa Farmer describe the situation eloquently in the introduction to their clarifying strategy to teach vocabulary. To quote:
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