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  • Antoine Revoy: Animator, Illustrator and Graphic Artist
    This site showcases the work of french artist and animator Antoine Revoy. Antoine studied animation and illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI, USA. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film / Animation / Video in 1999, Antoine started his career as a graphic designer in Dublin, Ireland and in 2004 launched a design agency, Sigma Karma, in Paris, France. Born in Paris, Antoine was raised in Tokyo, Japan as well as Mexico City, Mexico and Barcelona, Spain and is fluent in five languages. Please feel free to e-mail Antoine, available for hire and freelance projects.
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  • Change Management

    The management of change is an important imperative in many organizations.
    change implementation management process
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  • Chapter 11: Einstein, Kaluza-Klein And The Kleinbottle Universe
    As a great deal of the controversy concerning the contemporary dilemma inherent in the sciences, the first part of this chapter deals with the strange reportage of Einstein’s last years, as far from being deluded or misguided, his own nagging intuitions concerning the nature of Ultimate Reality led to him to discard his own theories and turn instead to the work of Kaluza and Klein. His insights were astute, and yet even those who work within the area of String Theory, an orientation itself aligned with the later theories that Einstein was engaged with were somehow compelled to diminish Einstein and his more recent theories, adulating his earlier accomplishments and anchoring for the public a false impression of the state of contemporary physics.
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    Note: norse symbol (runes symbol alchemical astronomical)
  • Feynman's Talk: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom An Invitation to Enter a New Field of Physics
    This transcript of the classic talk that Richard Feynman gave on December 29th 1959 at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) was first published in the February 1960 issue of Caltech's Engineering and Science, which owns the copyright. It has been made available on the web at with their kind permission. Information on the Feynman Prizes Links to pages on Feynman For an account of the talk and how people reacted to it, see chapter 4 of Nano! by Ed Regis, Little/Brown 1995. An excellent technical introduction to nanotechnology is Nanosystems: molecular machinery, manufacturing, and computation by K. Eric Drexler, Wiley 1992. I imagine expe
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  • Fringe Browser
    Welcome to the Fringe. This is an area of free information, things that some may find interesting, amusing, and/or dangerous.
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  • hodie mihi, cras tibi
    Definition of hodie mihi, cras tibi
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  • How to Virtualize Your Workforce - wikiHow
    Enterprise Mobility: The ability for an enterprise to communicate with suppliers, partners, employees, assets, products, and customers irrespective of location. <<management>>
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  • La tentation du Tout
    Alors existe-t-il un moyen de quadriller le territoire à la fois plus complètement, plus précisément et avec moins d’efforts. La réponse est oui. Comment ? Grâce à certains outils et services d’ores et déjà disponibles qui permettent de ne plus rien perdre d’une session de surf et, plus globalement, de tout ce que l’on fait sur le web et qui, une fois réduit à sa plus simple expression, se trouve être une suite de clics (clickstream). Des clics comme autant de pas vers un objectif, pas en avant, de côté, de géant, en arrière parfois, mais pas qui tracent inexorablement des pistes inédites dans le web, nouveaux chemins qui se voient attribuer la valeur qu’on accorde à toute « carte au trésor »<<management>>
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  • Mefi: Confessions of a Book Pirate
    Confessions of a Book Pirate NY Times Arts Beat: Report Finds 9 Million Illegal Downloads of E-Books Attributor Blog: Online Book Piracy Costs U.S. Publishers Nearly $3 Billion posted by brundlefly (105 comments total) 13 users marked this as a favorite
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  • Obsolete Skills
    # ADA Programming # Adjusting rabbit ears on top of a TV -still in use # Adjusting a television's horizontal and vertical holds # Adjusting a television's color and hue adjustments # Adjusting the dwell angle on the spark distributor of an engine # Adjusting the levels and song layout for recording to audio tape
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  • PERMANENT Asteroid mining, space colonies, commercialization
    P rojects to E mploy R esources of the M oon and A steroids N ear E arth in the N ear T erm G o a l s We mean business!Don't expensively launch from Earth, use construction materials already in space.Build valuable, profitable products and habitats in orbit (not send back to Earth).Non-governmental, commercial, faster, cheaper large scale space development. O r g a n i z a t i o n PERMANENT is an introductory guide for all, a reference source for experts and a news site on space resources. We link to known, quality websites, stockpile technical resources of third parties not on the web, and help them publish on the web.
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  • Platform Wars: TCP/IP vs. the Dollar
    Donna Bogatin : � Social Web or Business Web: where is the money? Naturally, people are fascinated by this question of "where's the money?" But it's the wrong question. The more interesting one is "why the money"? And it's still gonna take us a long time to get our heads around that. But that's what we're all gonna be asking at some point. The more effective the internet and the web are at helping us communicate and co-ordinate, the less money will be involved. Because ultimately the economy is a communication network and money is its protocol The network is not the means to the end of money.
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  • RomeReborn1.0
    digital model
    Rome Reborn: A digital model of ancient Rome.
    reborn rome
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  • Dream Anatomy: Gallery
    The interior of our bodies is hidden to us. What happens beneath the skin is mysterious, fearful, amazing. In antiquity, the body's internal structure was the subject of speculation, fantasy, and some study, but there were few efforts to represent it in pictures. The invention of the printing press in the 15th century-and the cascade of print technologies that followed-helped to inspire a new spectacular science of anatomy, and new spectacular visions of the body. Anatomical imagery proliferated, detailed and informative but also whimsical, surreal, beautiful, and grotesque — a dream anatomy that reveals as much about the outer world as it does the inner self.<<medicine>>
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  • How To Look Like A UNIX Guru Terence Parr
    Terence Parr Last updated: August 30, 2006 UNIX is an extremely popular platform for deploying server software partly because of its security and stability, but also because it has a rich set of command line and scripting tools. Programmers use these tools for manipulating the file system, processing log files, and generally automating as much as possible. If you want to be a serious server developer, you will need to have a certain facility with a number of UNIX tools; about 15. You will start to see similarities among them, particularly regular expressions, and soon you will feel very comfortable. Combining the simple commands, you can build very powerful tools very quickly--much faster than you could build the equivalent functionality in C or Java, for e
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  • Military Leadership - Recent
    Leadership and the military are practically inseparable. Military leadership and leadership development are foundational concepts for Army personnel. It permeates military culture beginning with every recruit learning the leadership-oriented Warrior Ethos to the leader development programs offered to the Army’s general officers. It is no surprise, then, that SSI conducts research on military leadership, leadership development, and the military culture. Dr. Leonard Wong is our military leadership specialist.
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  • Polaris
    Identify constellations, stars, planets and how to navigate at night
    Find Navigating By The Stars, Toronto Hotel and more at Get the best of Consumer Report or Movie Rental Online, browse our section on Astronomy Magazine or learn about Science. is the site for Navigating By The Stars.
    consumer hotel navigating report stars the toronto
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  • Psychology of Cyberspace - Article Index
    Listed below is a list of links to all the articles and pages in the hypertext book (web site) The Psychology of Cyberspace.The articles are arranged chronologically, with the most recently written or revised ones appearing near the top. The most recent date of the article, its version number, and its approximate size are indicated. Unless otherwise stated, the author of the article is John Suler, Ph.D. There also is a subject index and search engine for this book. Links on this page will produce a new window placed on top of this window.
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