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  • Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction
    Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown,Linda Rocan This book garners high praise from Timothy Shanahan and Catherine Snow and is recommended by Colorin Colorado. Research-based practical suggestions.
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  • Building Academic Vocabulary: Teacher's Manual
    This manual by Robert J. Marzano and Debra J. Pickering provides explicit guidance for teachers in the implementation of the research presented in Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement: Research on What Works in Schools
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  • Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement: Research on What Works in Schools
    Drawing from 35 years of research, Robert J. Marzano focuses on what works. The vocabulary terms that are critical to students' success are included for all grade levels. Learn why insufficient background knowledge is a chronic cause of low achievement, and learn strategies that help.
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  • Inside Words: Tools for Teaching Academic Vocabulary, Grades 4-12
    In Inside Words, Janet Allen merges recent research and key content-area teaching strategies to show teachers how to help students understand the academic vocabulary found in textbooks, tests, articles, and other informational texts. Each instructional tool is listed alphabetically. Inside Words builds on Janet's previous books Words, Words, Words and Tools for Teaching Content Literacy, to provide a much-needed middle and secondary school resource for teaching vocabulary, not only in the language arts, but in all content areas.
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  • Teaching Beginning Reading and Writing with the Picture Word Inductive Model
    Book Rec. by ASCD view online: Emily F. Calhoun In this practical guide to teaching beginning language learners of all ages, Calhoun encourages us to begin where the learners begin--with
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  • Teaching Vocabulary in All Classrooms, 3/E - Prentice Hall Catalog
    This text by Camille Blachowicz and Peter J. Fisher is written for preservice and inservice teachers of all grade levels and in all content areas who recognize the importance of vocabulary development but aren't sure what to do with it in the classroom. This text is also written for teachers who have a sense of direction but who want some new, classroom-tested strategies to renew their curriculum. Also explored in the third edition are independent means of learning vocabulary, such as using metacognitive and contextual cues. Features of this edition include greater attention to the ELL student and an added chapter on spelling and word structure.
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  • The Vocabulary Book Learning & Instruction by Michael F. Graves
    This book presents a comprehensive plan for vocabulary instruction from kindergarten through high school—one broad enough to instruct students with both small and exceptional vocabularies and every child in between. Written by one of the top experts in the field, this book offers a research-based program with plenty of classroom examples and strategies that teachers can use. Rec. by International Reading Association, see Chapter 5 online.
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  • Words Their Way with English Learners: Word Study for Spelling, Phonics, and Vocabulary Instruction
    Words Their Way with English Learners helps teachers determine what their students bring with them from their home languages, where their instruction in English orthography should begin, and how best to move these students through their literacy development. Research-based word study development is a foundation to help English learners develop literacy skills. Chapters 1 through 3 introduces teachers of English Learners to the stages of spelling and reading development, the assessments to use, and the best ways to organize your classroom for word study.
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  • Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12: Books
    Author Janet Allen uses a conversational tone and puts vocabulary research into perspective and practice. This book provides excellent graphic organzers specifically for vocabulary. Many are very applicable for completion in heterogeneous groups. Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12 (9781571100856): Janet Allen: Books
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  • Building Academic Language: Essential Practices for Content Classrooms, Grades 5-12
    Building Academic Language by Jossey-Bass:: explains the functions and features of academic language that every teacher (language arts, history, math, & science teachers, etc.) should know for supporting academic reading, writing, and discussion. The book includes research-based instructional and assessment activities that content teachers can use to build students' abilities to understand and describe the many abstract concepts, higher-order thinking skills, and complex relationships in a discipline. The book emphasizes an approach that builds from students' existing ways of learning and communicating, scaffolding them to think and talk as content area experts think and talk about math, science, history, and language arts.
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  • Just Read Now! Vocabulary Strategies
    This site contains a list of vocabulary strategies compiled by Just Read Florida
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  • The Face of Effective Vocabulary Instruction
    Education World ® Professional Development Center: Reading Coach: Article By Cathy Puett Miller The article focuses on what works in vocabulary instruction and provides related resources.
    Did you know that student vocabulary should increase by 2,000-3,000 words a year -- and about 400 of those words should be taught directly? But how do you do it? What activities effectively build student vocabulary? Try these tips from Cathy Puett Miller.
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  • The Word-Conscious Classroom
    Based on research and successful classroom practice, the Word-Conscious Classroom by Scott, Skobel, and Wells offers dozens of strategies, mini-lessons, units, tools, and activities that increase student exposure to and appreciation of language in a variety of ways.
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  • For the Love of Words: Vocabulary Instruction that Works; K-6
    The authors, Diane E. Paynter, Elena Bodrova, and Jane K. Doty are researchers and trainers(McREL). Many elementary students today have a reading and speaking vocabulary far below what is expected and necessary for their grade level. For the Love of Words offers teachers a practical and systematic instructional framework for helping students overcome “the vocabulary gap” so they can succeed academically, especially in reading comprehension. Unlike conventional “skill and drill” instruction, this approach helps students understand why a strong vocabulary is so critical for their success in reading and writing and develop strategies for learning new words based on the best of current research. Rec. by ASCD
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