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  • ENSI/SENSI Nature of Science Lesson List
    Nature of Science lessons. In order for evolution to be properly understood as a science, ENSI maintains that a thorough introduction to the nature of modern science is a necessary prerequisite to teaching evolution. The lessons included here are intended to do just that. Intended Audience/Grade Level These lessons are intended for use in any high school biology course. However, many can be used in middle school / junior high school, possibly with slight modification depending on teacher's style and approach, and the experience and level of students. Many would likewise be appropriate for use in junior college or lower division university levels.
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  • Science Interactives from Annenberg CPB @
    Amusement Park Physics (Grades 9-12) How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? You'll have a chance to find out by designing your own roller coaster. DNA (Grades 9-12) Learn about genetics, genetic engineering, the Human Genome Project and the ethical implications of these new technologies. Dynamic Earth (Grades 7-9) Delve into the structure of the Earth to learn what causes earthquakes, volcanoes, and more. Ecology Lab (Grades 9-12) In this lab you will get a chance to build your own ecosystem, and explore the effects of these interrelationships. Garbage (Grades 9-12) Find out how to improve next year's environmental record. Learn how waste is handled now and how some communities are doing it better.
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  • Interactive Whiteboard Resources
    Cells Humans as Organisms Green Plants as Organisms Living Things in the Environment Label an Animal Cell A labelling activity involving parts of an animal cell. Useful for revision. Label the Cells A drag and drop activity for labelling both plant and animal cells. Plant Cells An excellent teaching resource which allows students to see the 3-D structure of a cell and examine the main components. Good for revision purposes.
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  • Nature Publishing Group
    science journals, jobs, and information
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  • Biology - PhET Simulations
    Eating & Exercise; Reactions & Rates; Simplified MRI; Stretching DNA; Curve Fitting; Plinko Probability; Optical Tweezers and Applications; Color Vision; Sound; Balloons and Static Electricity; Salts & Solubility; pH Scale; Blackbody Spectrum; Molecular Motors Natural Selection ; Gene Machine: The Lac Operon
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  • National Digital Library : Home
    Welcome to the Fish and Wildlife Service's online digital media library. Here you will find a wide assortment of selected images, publications, video and audio clips that are in the public domain. You are free to use them as you wish - no permission is necessary. We do ask that you give credit to the photographer or creator and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
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  • iecology . net
    This website is dedicated to providing users with multi-media content to experience ecological concepts in a fresh and inviting way. The site's content is arranged around the scientific discipline of Ecology--the scientific study of the abundance of organisms and their interactions with one another and their environment. This site also contains material relevant to other sub-disciplines of Biology including: Botany, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Plant Taxonomy, etc.
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  • Classification Unit
    By Brent Maddin. # Introduction to Concept of Classification SWBAT create a classification system for shoes based on a characteristics hierarchy * Classification of Shoes Lab * Classification of Shoes Lab * Classifying Your Objects kitchen * Creating a Dichotomous Key Shoes * Different Sneakers Picture * Dress Shoes in Color Picture * Funny Shoes Picture * HW: Classifying Your Objects bedroom # 4 Files Intro to Classification: Kingdoms of Organisms SWBAT give reasons for having a classification system; SWBAT order the hierarchy of classification. * Classification Notes TEACHER * Introduction to Classification Power Point * Key Questions for Classification Unit * Kingdom Graphic Organizer # 4 Files Kingdoms
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  • Worksheets for Biology from Biology
    Worksheets for evolution, anatomy/dissection, taxonomy, cell parts, ecology, cell reproduction, cell processes, environmental issues, phyla, inheritance, dna, plants, scientific method
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  • Virtual Cell Animation Collection
    This collection has been developed to introduce students to new concepts. By walking through the still images and movie included for each topic, viewers are in control of choosing the learning style that best fits their needs. NEW ANIMATION ADDED! INSULIN SIGNALING CAN BE FOUND BELOW... The Virtual Cell Animation Collection was featured in Cell Biology Education Click here to read the article and download the included PDF file. Looks GREAT!! pdb
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