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  • AAA Math
    Do you need a little help with your math? Do you like math and want to play some math games? This is the website for you. There are all types of games and activities that you can play based on your grade. You can choose between over 20 topics like geometry, addition, money, algebra, fractions, and measurement.
    AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts.
    aaa addition decimals division equations exponents ge interactive math measuring money multiplication ratios skills subtraction
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  • AFRO-American Kids Zone
    This website is filled with fun games as well as interesting information. You can learn about Black History and Africa. There are games, brain teasers, word scrambles and puzzles. You can play games and read myths and fables from around the world. You can also get help with geography, astronomy, science and and history.
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  • Ask for Kids
    An extension of the "Ask Jeeves" website, this site offers everything for kids. There is a section for games, news and current events, as well as a dictionary, thesaurus and homework help and information for every subject. You can find everything on this website like game cheats and help with your history or geography homework. The best part about this site is that you can ask Jeeves any question you want, and he will direct you to websites dealing with that topic. There is also an almanac and clip art for you to download.
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  • BlackDog's Word Games
    A website for those who love word puzzles, crossword puzzles, and word games. This site is made up of a collection of games for all ages. From animals to sports, there are games for everyone.
    BlackDog's Word Games - Word games for kids of all ages.
    crossword cryptogram dance dancing games hangman jumble jumbled jumbles mix puzzles search word words wordsearch wordsearches
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    This website has something for everyone. From U.S. to Black History, a quiz on the solar system, information and games on geography and dinosaurs, as well as homework help, this site has it all! Have fun learning on this website.
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  • Brain Quest ®
    This is a site where you can go to test your knowledge in every subject there is. You can challenge your friends or play alone. Each brain quest gives you two minutes to correctly answer as many questions as possible. The brain quests are age specific and the site hosts "special" brain quests on occasion.
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  • & Games
    Fun, fun, fun!!! All kinds of puzzles, mazes and word games for you to enjoy. Anyone can spend hours on this site playing, and learning interesting facts at the same time. There are cryptograms, hangman games, slide solves and lots of other puzzles and word games.
    Do you enjoy word games? Then's free online word games are just what you have been looking for. Free online puzzles like Anagram Crackers, Spelling Bees, Crosswords, Cryptograms, Hangman, and Mazes?
    anagram class cracker crossword cryptogram fun games hangman invaders maze miss phrase puzzle search slide solve spells word
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  • Education 4 Kids, Inc.
    An educational website that is great for helping you with your homework. You can get help in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. The site takes you through examples step by step. If you are having problems in one of these subjects you MUST visit this site.
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  • Education 4 Kids, Inc.
    An educational website that is great for helping you with your homework. You can get help in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. The site takes you through examples step by step. If you are having problems in one of these subjects you MUST visit this site.
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  • Education Place®
    This is the games section of the Kids' Place website. There are a lot of fun games, including a game where you can make up fake definitions for words. When other people play the "Fake Out" challenge, your definition will be among the fake one's that the person has to choose from. There are also other games dealing with geography and spelling.
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  • Education Place® for Students
    This is a website where a child can have fun and learn at the same time. Try some of the games and brain teasers, or get help with subjects like geography, math and spelling. This site is the home of the Geonet Game, a quiz-like game that you can play against your friends to find out who is the best at geography, science, economics and health.
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  • English-Zone.Com
    A great site to help you with your english. Go to this site to help you with your homework, or to test your knowledge. It has everything from grammar to vocabulary, and dictionaries for your use. You can also choose from a lot of fun games.
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  • FEMA For Kids: Games
    This is the Federal Emergency Management Agency's site for young people. If you like to learn about the weather and what it can do, you will love this website. It has a search engine for homework help, natural disasters and games. There are over 20 games and activites, including cartoons, word searches, crossword puzzles, concentration games, kid raps, and coloring books that can be printed.
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    This is not only a game, but an entire website. If you want to play all types of games, and learn about different topics, you will love funbrain. Like it says, it is fun for the brain!
    FunBrain is the #1 site for online educational games for kids of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spelling, history)
    baseball children education english fun game games grammar history kids learning logic math multiplication scie spell spelling
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  • GameGoo
    f you are learning how to read, or just need practice, this is the site for you. The games are real fun, and the characters do silly things. You can work with space aliens or help a tooth fairy, among other things.
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  • Greenpeace games
    This is a section of the Greenpeace website. Greenpeace is a group that focuses on saving the earth and its' environment for the future. This section has three fun games: Eco-quest, Whale-Flip and Puzzlin' Evidence. These games have good graphics and foucs on saving African Elephants, whales and learning about who has the most nuclear weapons.
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    Like the TV show, except with multiple choice answers (questions!).
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  • JigZone
    A game where you put puzzles together. The puzzles make wonderful pictures of all types, like flowers, animals, buildings, people, and scenery. You can choose how many pieces the puzzles will have, the shape of the puzzle pieces, and the picture you want to make. The game has regular puzzle pieces, as well as pieces in the shape of the alphabet, the United States and other interesting shapes. The graphics are really good on this game!
    Free online jigsaw puzzles with thousands of beautiful pictures and puzzle cuts. Control the level of difficulty for fun by all the family, or a quick distraction at work, or boring days. Send puzzle postcards to friends, puzzle of the day
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  • Kaboose - Games
    Games, games, games!!! There is a game here for everyone. There are funschool games, zeeks games, seasonal games, sports games, brain games, 3D games, arcarde games, and card games, just to name a few!
    ONLINE GAMES of all kinds for kids from arcade games and puzzlers to multiplayer games.
    arcade brain children games java kid kids parent parents reviews shockwave sports teacher teachers
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  • Kids games, chat rooms for kids, plant babies, safe site for kids
    KidsCom has kids games, chat rooms for kids, video game cheats and other activities for children. The games focus on fun, learning and internet safety. You can learn new jokes or play games about animals or arcade games.
    Kids games, chat rooms for kids, virtual worlds for kids, virtual gardens for kids, plant babies, safe site for kids - KidsCom, fun site for kids.
    adventures babies chat for friend games gardens idea kids kidscom other place plant rooms safe seekers site virtual with worlds
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