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  • Learning Games Network
    A Network of People, Ideas, and Resources for the Future of Education The Learning Games Network makes connections among those who care about and have a stake in the future of education. We provide resources to help teachers use games in the classroom. We work with educational publishers and media producers to design better learning games and develop new business models for getting them into the hands of teachers and students.  We host local and online events for students to learn about game design and new media for education. Our aim is improve the tools and resources for learning. Join our non-profit network and help create the future.
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  • Lesson Plan | Will It Happen Again? Examining Mass Extinctions on Earth
    Overview | What is a mass extinction, and why do some scientists think human beings may be responsible for the next one? What do we know about the past extinctions, including their likely causes? In this lesson, students learn about mass extinctions, map extinction events to a geologic timeline, and explore current ideas about whether human influences may lead to another major extinction event.
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