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  • Enhanced learning with Technology: Strategies for Differentiating
    Within the four ways for differentiating instruction there are embedded several other learning strategies which are used in conjunction with each other. ( Missouri Department of Education Teachers new to differentiating instruction may initially choose to use individual strategies and begin by differentiating either content, process or product . It is also important to recognize that there is a considerable overlap between the strategies listed below. As teachers become comfortable with these strategies several may be very effectively employed simultaneously.
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  • Evolutionary Studies Program at Binghamton University
    The EvoS program for evolutionary studies. Said to extend the study of evolution into the humanities and social sciences, not just life science. Students learn that evolution is both theory and FACT????? Learn that it serves as a way to look at the world that provides deep predictive and explanatory power. They then proceed to use this analytical framework to explore subjects as diverse as cancer, pregnancy, mate choice, literature and religion.
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    Introduction - towards a definition of 'Differentiation' Differentiation is the adjustment of the teaching process according to the learning needs of the pupils. It can be aimed at: bullet A whole class bullet Groups within the class bullet Individuals Some people still deny that differentiation exists:,5500,897299,00.html is a very hostile article in the Education Guardian, describing differentiation as 'just another pressure meted out by managers', and showing a clear misunderstanding of what differentiation is!
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