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  • Mangino to Represent Self in Nov. 28 Hearing
    Several days ago Dr. William Mangino whose case the <a rel="nofollow" href="">Pain Relief Network</a> has been involved with, and that the <a rel="nofollow" href="">War on Docs/Pain Crisis</a> blog has followed in depth (see links below), sent me three documents, some fifteen pages in all, handwritten in block text, which I will call Mangino Petitioner's Motion including: 1. a two page letter to Judge Motto, 2. a six page Brief in Support of Petitioner's Motion, and, 3. a nine page Supplement to the Brief in Support All three handwritten documents available, as a <a rel="nofollow" href=""><b>single PDF</b></a>. The Persecution of Dr. Willia
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  • PRN v Kansas, Mukasey, DOJ, et al.
    PAIN RELIEF NETWORK, on behalf of patients of Stephen J. Schneider, D.O., Plaintiff, <br /> vs.<br /> THE STATE OF KANSAS, THE KANSAS STATE BOARD OF HEALING ARTS, MICHAEL MUKASEY, in his official capacity as United States Attorney General; ERIC F. MELGREN, in his official capacity as the United States Attorney for the District of Kansas, and THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, Defendants. "INTRODUCTION # 1. This is an action brought by the Pain Relief Network, on behalf of patients of Dr. Stephen J. Schneider, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief on an emergency basis and accordingly petitioning this Court as follows: * (A) to declare palliative care (in the form of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals) a fundamental right of patients in severe pain..
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  • USA v Dr. Martinez goes to Jury - Not Guilty on Drug Charges
    Excerpt: By targeting banal and ordinary medical practice, the Federal government gets the maximal chilling effect bang for their buck. The message of this case to physicians nationwide couldn’t be clearer - no physician prescribing opioid analgesic therapy for chronic pain is safe, even if you are obviously not a “pill mill,” obviously are a professional M.D., and are not even a “high dose prescriber” chronic pain doctor.
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