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  • Complementary Currency
    fascinating article about creating more intentional, local economies. in brazil, the government created the Saber, a money given to 7 year olds that could only be spent on college. one result: this induced teenagers to become tutors of younger children to earn money for college. 1 billion invested returned an estimated 10 billion in educational benefit.
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  • Ithaca Hours
    Local Currency - Ithaca, New York. an alternative, local economy.
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  • The Attention Economy
    An Overview. might seem esoteric. but thinking like this is central to how our world will shift in years to come.
    Written by Alex Iskold and edited by Richard MacManus digg_url = ''; It is no secret that we live in an information overload age. The explosion of new types of information online is a double-edged sword. We both enjoy and drown in news, blogs, podcasts, photos, videos and cool MySpace pages. And the problem is only going
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