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  • Food, Water, and Medicine from the Sea
    ActivBoard-friendly lesson about the impacts of people on the ocean, this one in particular about what can be farmed from the seas and how humans are jeopardizing this mighty source. Talks about wild vs. farmed salmon and fresh water from icebergs.
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  • Office of Science Education - LifeWorks
    Search more than 100 medical science and health careers by title, education required, interest area, or median salary. Targeted to middle and high school students, this website from the NIH Office of Science Education profiles individuals currently working in the medical sciences. Each person answers questions about his or her job, including “I chose this career because...,” “My typical workday involves...,” “What I like best/least about my work...,” “My career goals are...,” and “When I’m not working, I like to....” The varied responses show how careers in medical sciences are very diverse and appeal to a wide range of people. The site also includes a link to an online mentoring program for high school/college students.
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  • The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine – Educational GAMES
    Educational Games - The Nobel Prize in Medicine; examples: * Blood Typing * The Cell and Its Organelles * Control of the Cell Cycle * Diabetes and Insulin * DNA - The Double Helix * The Ear Pages * Electrocardiogram * The Genetic Code * The Immune System * Malaria * MRI * Pavlov's Dog * The Split Brain Experiments * Tuberculosis * Vitamin B1 Readings * DNA - RNA - Protein About the Nobel Prize * Short about the Nobel Prize * Alfred Nobel's Life and Work About the Educational Outreach Program * Read about the Educational Outreach Program
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