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  • Great Lakes Food Web Diagrams
    GLERL has recently developed food web diagrams for all of the Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair. The major species in each lake are briefly described, along with a diagram summarizing the ecosystem energy flow (who eats or is eaten by whom!). These diagrams are based on a model from a paper published in 2003 supported by both NOAA and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. Summarizing the model results in diagram form was accomplished by GLERL’s Sea Grant Extension Educator. They were updated and modified for each lake by a host of researchers.
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  • Teaching With Great Lakes Data
    Welcome to Teaching With Great Lakes Data. Choose among Great Lakes data sets, teaching methods and tools or lessons and activities. Any of these resources may be incorporated into your curriculum and are multidisciplinary. All the materials on this website are free. * Encourage students to develop higher-level thinking skills using real data. * Enhance teaching skills through guided inquiry methods. * Explore dead zones, climate/weather and fish habitat in the Great Lakes.
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