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  • Biomagnification
    Biomagnification: Toxic chemicals and heavy metals flow into the ocean when industrial, agricultural, and human wastes runs off or is deliberately discharged into rivers that then empty into the sea. These pollutants cause disease, genetic mutations, birth defects, reproductive difficulties, behavioral changes, and death in many marine organisms. But the severity of the damage varies greatly between species. In many cases, animals near the top of the food chain are most affected because of a process called biomagnification. Has 6 interactive question/answer that follow simulation
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  • Food Chain Game
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  • New crops needed for new climate
    Global food security changing climate depends nutritional value yield staple food crops. Researchers at Monash University Victoria, Australia found an increase toxic compounds, decrease protein content decreased yield plants grown under high CO2 drought c
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    Undergraduate Research Conference, UW-Parkside We have conducted research for the Kenosha County Hunger Prevention Council to understand the experiences of clients of food pantries in Kenosha County and their level of food insecurity in Kenosha County. UW-Parkside students administered over 200 one-on-one surveys in English and Spanish to a random sample of food pantry clients, and that data has been entered into SPSS. The analysis identifies at-risk groups, information about the nutrition level of households, the intensity of hunger among clients of food pantries in Kenosha County. We identified barriers and evaluated individual sites. Of people in Kenosha County who visit food pantries, nearly twenty five percent (24.3%) do not have a high school diplo...
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