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  • IGN: The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II Review
    Battle for Middle-earth II is proof that EA was serious about getting back into the good graces of serious RTS fans. There's a lot to experience with this entry into the series including three new factions, a redesigned base building mode, some awesome new powers, terrific improvements to the engine, a tighter campaign mode, and both skirmish and War of the Ring. This might actually be a detriment to some players who liked the simplicity of the first game, but I'm quite pleased. It's a pretty traditional RTS, but it's also a very good one.
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  • Friends of the Earth Australia
    Friends of the Earth (FoE) is a federation of autonomous local groups who are working towards an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable future. FoE Australia functions both through the activities of its local groups, and on the national level through appointed spokespeople, campaigns and projects, the national magazine - Chain Reaction, and the work of the national liaison officers. Through a combination of research, community outreach, direct action, lobbying and offering positive business alternatives, FoE seeks to work in alliances with other like minded groups and individuals to achieve the necessary social change which will allow for environmental protection with full protection for the rights of all people.
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  • Google Earth
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  • The Big Ask - Friends of the Earth
    The Big Ask campaign is about tackling the biggest question the world faces - how do we stop dangerous climate change? It is about helping you get answers to this difficult question. The most important part of the question is - Is the Government doing enough about climate change? We think they should do at lot more. And 70% of you agree. Are you ready to get the Government to tackle the big question? It's a huge obstacle to climb - but together we can do it. Check out our brainy ways to beat climate change The Big Ask is run by Friends of the Earth - an environmental campaign group.
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