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  • Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies!
    Jan. 10, 2002. Is it possible to clear chemtrails from the sky? Don Croft originally had set up a new device called the CHEMBUSTER outside on a chemtrail-overcast day with the pipes pointing straight up and sure enough, after a while, the chemtrails started to break up revealing blue sky above. The longer he left the Chembuster in place, the clearer the sky got, eventually covering an area out to 90 miles. He later improved the Chembuster design and got the coverage to extend out to 120 miles. A man named Rick from the Los Angeles area timed how long it took his Chembuster to disperse overhead Chemtrails and posted his photos to the Don's original Cloudbuster chat forum (now defunct). Amazingly, the area immediately above Rick's Chembuster transformed f...
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