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  • Web 2.0 People Search Engines
    Web 2.0 People Search Engines If Web 1.0 was about linking information then Web 2.0 is really about linking people as pointed out by Mills Davis from Project10. The social network phenomenon is creating an unprecedented and growing amount of buzz and is already channeling significant amounts of traffic around. IceRocket Blog Trends reports about 400 posts a day referring to the phrase "social network". Nielsen BuzzMetrics Blogpulse shows an increase of 200% in 6 months from 0.015% blog share of voice in March 2007 to over 0.045% in September 2007.
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  • Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines | OEDb
    Awesome list of emerging search engines, mostly around Social Search, Web 2.0 experiences like Tag clouds, Syndication, Mashups
    OEDb looks at the top Web 2.0 search engines on the Internet.
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