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    Geneva is NOT at all a dangerous city. In my view there is really not much of a risk to your safety!! The Geneva Police do a generally first rate job. This site is put online to provide information so that you know what you might encounter as you walk about the streets of a beautiful town. Naturally like any other place in Western Europe one should be streetwise and know some basic information for SENIOR CITIZENS - WOMEN and TOURISTS placed online on,, and
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    Web Wise Kids is about empowering today's youth to make wise choices online. Through state-of–the-art Internet Safety computer games (based on real-life scenarios) as well as Internet Safety tips for kids, teens and parents, Web Wise Kids creates a safer, friendlier internet experience. These, coupled with involvement of community, youth leaders and parents, provides an environment where your child's Internet Safety becomes their first line of defense while navigating through cyberspace.
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