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  • MkEzx
    MkEzx is a set of scripts and patches allowing you to build applications and "add-on distributions" for embedded Linux devices. MkEzx is primarily geared towards Motorola EZX handsets such as the A780, E680 and A1200, but a configuration file is also provided for mipsel / uClibc. To get an idea of the wide range of available software, take a look at the list of packages. MkEzx takes care of building its own toolchain, downloading and patching source code, compiling it and producing binaries in the form of Debian .deb packages. The build system is written in Perl and package compilation rules are based on makefile fragments from the Common Debian Build System. MkEzx also features a Gtk+ graphic user interface called gmkezx.
    By rastafarra in Public bookmarks with embeded linux motorola

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