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  • Round-Robin Database Storage Engine (RRD) | FromDual
    In a round-robin database (RRD) usually time-series data like network bandwidth, temperatures, CPU load etc. is stored. The data is stored in the way that system storage footprint remains constant over time. This avoids resource expensive purge jobs and reduces complexity. RRD MySQL does NOT yet provide this kind of storage engine. Although some people were thinking about and some prototypes exists. Nevertheless in this paper it is shown how you can build your own RRD tables: Round-Robin Database Storage Engine (RRD)
    By henrik in Development with database mysql round-robin rrd
  • Cymen's Blog : MySQL and Round Robin Database (RRD)
    While looking for a MySQL RRD storage engine, I came across Round-Robin Database Storage Engine (RRD) (pdf) which describes how to setup a MySQL table to act as a RRD. The PDF appears to have been created in February of 2007 but the benchmark result at the end of 600 inserts/second says this was achieved on a 1350 MHz AMD CPU which suggests the article may be older. I replicated the configuration and tested it on my laptop (5400 RPM disk, 2.4 GHz Intel T7700 CPU). With the MyISAM database, a brieft test of about 50k inserts resulted in ~7000 inserts/second. But the 25m max rows means the trigger functionality (the part that makes the table behave like an RRD) wasn’t really tested.
    By henrik in Development with database mysql round-robin rrd
  • RRDtool - Computing amount of data transfered
    RRDtool stores rates during time intervals. Sometimes you do not want to know the rate (how many bytes per second), you just want to know the total amount of bytes. This can be done, no problem. Please make sure you understand how RRDtool normalizes and consolidates its data. This is explained on my RRDtool - Rates, normalizing and consolidating page. That page already covers most of what you need to know about this subject. You are expected to know its contents in order to understand this page.
    By henrik in Computers > Linux with computing data graphs rrd rrdtool tricks
  • Wireless temperature picture frame mashup » Micah's Bloggy Widget
    This is the latest geeky addition to our home decor. It’s a Kodak W820 digital picture frame, showing a graph of real-time temperature data collected from around the house: upstairs and downstairs, garage, outdoors, and even inside the refrigerator. More photos on Flickr, implementation details below… Temperature Sensors Most of my friends probably know that back in 2004, when I was still in college, I built a set of wireless temperature sensors. Each one is an Altoids tin containing a 9V battery, a Dallas 1-wire temperature sensor, PIC microcontroller, and a little 315 MHz AM radio transmitter. I built several of these indoor wireless sensors, plus one outdoor sensor which I built out of PVC pipe.
    By henrik in Hus & Hem > Home Automation with 1-wire automation home onewire rrd rrdtool sensor temperature wireless
  • Forum • HOWTO: RRDtool på Ubuntu (installera, logga, rita graf) : Guider/Artiklar/How to
    Detta är en fortsättning på HOWTO: Installera OWFS 2.7p10 på Ubuntu server 8.10 skulle man kunna säga och syftet är att kunna göra sin första graf över temperaturen. Detta är inte så knepigt, eller i alla fall inte lika knepigt som att få igång OWFS! Dock är inte RRDtool helt solklart direkt från början, det skiljer sig lite från en traditionell databas.
    By henrik in Hus & Hem > Home Automation with 1-wire automation home onewire rrd rrdtool script
  • rrd4j: Home
    RRD4J is a 100% pure java implementation of RRDTool's functionality. It follows the same logic and uses the same data sources, archive types and definitions as RRDTool does. RRD4J supports all standard operations on Round Robin Database (RRD) files: CREATE, UPDATE, FETCH, LAST, DUMP, XPORT and GRAPH. RRD4J's API is made for those who are familiar with RRDTool's concepts and logic, but prefer to work with pure java. If you provide the same data to RRDTool and RRD4J, you will get exactly the same results and graphs. RRD4J is made from the scratch and it uses very limited portions of RRDTool's original source code. RRD4J does not use native functions and libraries, has no Runtime.exec() calls and does not require RRDTool to be present.
    By henrik in Development > Java with java rrd rrd4j rrdtool statistics by 2 users
    RRD World.url
    By ekz in security > free networktools with rrd world.url

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