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    Video of Chris Jordan "Container Yard and Mt. Rainier, Tacoma 2004" "Container yard #2, Seattle 2004" "Crushed Cars #3, Tacoma 2004" "Boxcar, Seattle 2003" "Gas Cylinders, Seattle 2003" For many years, all I was interested in about photography was aesthetic beauty. And so, I would go out looking for that. And actually what I would do is go out driving around the Port of Seattle or I'd go down to Tacoma and drive around the port there. What I was interested in at the time was just color, places where color appears inadvertently or places where there's this color that appears in a very complex and beautiful way, but nobody intended it. CHRIS JORDAN: A lot the photographs I took back then, I had to trespass. I had to sneak in or climb over gates or over fe...
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