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    Heredity and Meiosis\n\nDNA and Genes\n\n * Genetics reference guide\n * U.S. Department of Energy Division of Science\n * G.A.M.E. (Genomics Analogy Model for Educators), University of Purdue\n * Genetic Animations (Dolan DNA Learning Center)\n * Genetics Education Center (University of Kansas Medical Center)\n * What the heck is a gene? (Basic primer on Genes and DNA)\n * How is DNA replicated? (Excellent tutorial animation)\n * Genetics Education Resource Center>>\n * Simple, Cheap Gel Electrophoresis>\n * Colorful Gell Electrophoresis\n * Explore a stretch of DNA code.(NOVA Online)\n * Cracking the Code (NOVA Feature Presentation)\n\n\n\nAnimations\n\n * DNA Structure (\n * Protein Synthesis (Huma...
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  • Meiosis Animation
    Shockwave animation of the stages of meiosis. Quite a nice animation and explanation of the state of a gene as the cells go through both divisions. I think it would be powerful for Biology (AIS or independent)
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  • Mitosis and Meiosis
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