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    Solar Light Bulb Fire Extinguisher will be made soon in near future<BR><BR><BR>Zephyr Archangel made "Automatically Diffusing Electrical Light Bulb Fire Extinguisher", while Edison had invented the electrical light bulb!<BR><BR>At that time only Glass can be used as the Outer Light Bulb as No other materials were available for transparent/see-through/nude/naked/visible Case/Container/Ball/Bulb, except Glass. Now Polycarbonate is replacing all non-transparent/nude/naked/see-through and invisible materials(Iron, Aluminum and Stainless Steel) and Glass, as PC(Polycarbonate) has same characteristics of Iron and Glass at same time, while it is ablsolutely transparent/nude/naked/visible/see-through.<BR><BR>Also due to the development of LED lights which is not...
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