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  • Beginning Topology (Brooks/Cole Series in Advanced Mathematics) by Sue Goodman
    With a nice balance of mathematical precision and accessibility, this text provides a broad introduction to the field of topology. Author Sue Goodman piques student curiosity and interest without losing necessary rigor so that they can appreciate the beauty and fun of mathematics. The text demonstrates that mathematics is an active and ever-changing field with many problems still unsolved, and students will see how the various areas of mathematics ? algebra, combinatorics, geometry, calculus, and differential equations ? interact with topology. Students learn some of the major ideas and results in the field, do explorations and fairly elementary proofs, and become aware of some recent questions. Beginning Topology (Brooks/Cole Series in Advanced Mathematics) (9780534424268): Sue Goodman: Books
    0534424260 711014858-0534424260 advanced beginning brooks cole genera goodman mathematics science series sue textbooks topology
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    Note: A good broad introduction into some topological applications (a good 'overview' of what topology encompasses too); the four-colour problem, fixed-point theorems, fundamental theorem of algebra and knots. Glosses over point-set, seems to cover the important stuff. Her personal website can be found h ...moreere: She recommends a history of Topology here: (I think Brian Davey also recommended this site)

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