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  • Candy Labs - Company
    Candy Labs began its life in the cold, dry winter of 2002 when Marek Sliwa and Dustin Mierau decided to join forces and produce software that is intuitive, useful, and just plain sexy. Both well seasoned in software development and design: Marek Sliwa is a leading software developer and a student of the sciences and mathematics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Dustin Mierau is a student of the arts, and spent two and a half years previously working at Napster as a developer of the Macintosh client (a.k.a. Macster).
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    Note: AppRocket is a total rip, but great website design, think jelly.
  • Vinny Carpenter's Blog
    I am the lead architect for Wells Fargo Advantage Funds. Prior to Wells Fargo, I was the Enterprise Architect for Strong Financial. Wells Fargo acquired Strong at the beginning of this year (2005) and most of us came along for the ride. Prior to Strong, I worked at Quad/Graphics and Marquette University.
    Vinny Carpenter’s blog Java Geek in search of a clever and creative tag line :)
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    Note: I am a total Java geek that lives in Brookfield - WI (Milwaukee), making my living as an architect/developer, spending all my time with Java, J2EE, OO, Linux, and open source. In my spare time, when I am not in front of my computers, I spend every other minute with my other loves: My wife and daught ...moreer, books, music, guitars, Formula-1 racing and SCI-FI shows like StarGate and others.

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