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  • CSS Techniques for Retina Displays
    As many people use their highly portable devices for work and play, device manufacturers seek to enhance their user experience, making their devices simultaneously more powerful and easier to use. Apple gave us a completely new line-up of products that introduced double density pixel screens, creating sharper images on smaller screens. Other device manufacturers are following suit with their own version of high pixel density screens. While this is undoubtedly a boon for consumers and end users, it can present a challenge to web developers and designers to make their websites and apps compatible with such Retina displays. It was then that web developers realized how old fashioned the web is and how websites looked “non-living” on such displays.
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    Denna sidan visar din aktuella ip adress och port samt andra egenskaper om din dator och webbläsare.
    Se din aktuella IP-adress och port samt andra egenskaper och inställningar om din dator och webbläsare
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  • Test your CSS media queries features -
    This tool will detect many features of your browser / device (called a user agent.) It is designed to display the exact value of the various features tested. Visit this page with as many devices as you want in order to get the values you need. This will help understand how these values work across devices and should give more insight as to which media queries you should use to have the desired result.
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