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  • Automatically Mount and View ISO files in Windows 7 Media Center - How-To Geek
    Today we show you how to configure Windows Media Center so you can automatically view those ISOs directly from the Movie Library. First, download and install Virtual Clone Drive. It’s a free application that allows you to mount an ISO file so that it appears as a CD/DVD drive. The install process is very simple and you can just take the defaults. sshot-2 Next, download and install Mikinho Mount Image. This add-in allows for the ISO image files to be displayed and mounted automatically in Windows Media Center. This is also a very basic install and is available in 32 & 64 bit versions.
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  • NTFS Config
    After years of developpement, a new NTFS driver, ntfs-3g , which allow full write capability is here. Since its first stable release, it is a wonderfull success, and is daily used by thousands of people around the world. The main point people can be struggle with, is how configuring their system to be able to use it. The aim of the ntfs-config project is to make life of people easier, by providing an easy way to enable/disable write capability for all their NTFS device, internal or external.
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