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  • Get Things Done with RememberTheMilk | VitaminCM - Nourish Your Mind
    Simple Flexible To Do List Management Keeping track of the myriad of things that I need to get done on a daily basis can be near impossible. I use the RememberTheMilk task management service to keep track of my tasks. This is a very simple, powerful, elegant tool for task management and to-do list creation. You can sign up for a Free or Pro (paid) account. The Free account gives you just about all of the best, most valuable features. The Pro account ($25 USD/year) adds applications for your phone (iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile). I currently use an iPhone and used to have a Windows Mobile phone and always just used the free mobile web interface, which is very good. Times are tight and so's my wallet. Here's how RememberTheMilk describes their s...
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