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  • Biology in Motion
    Cartoon Mini-Lectures - One-page biology cartoons with explanations: Intestinal Gas Enzyme Characteristics Receptor and Signal as "Lock and Key" Organize-It: Learn biology terms by dragging and dropping to show category relationships. Includes terms from a growing list of biology topics. Version 1.2 - Features include a "Shuffle" button to focus your learning, and the ability to bookmark a quiz. Evolution Lab - Do-it-yourself evolution! Use this humorous but powerful simulation tool to test the effects of selection, mutation and chance on the evolution of a trait. ATP and Energy Storage - Find out why eating lunch really is like "recharging your batteries." Fat Digestion and Bile - Find out why digesting cheesecake is like washing the dishes--even
    Welcome to BiologyInMotion. Original and entertaining biology animations and interactive activities, available for free on the Web.
    activity animated animation biology cartoon exercise game interactive learning motion quiz science simulation teaching test tu
    By pdboyer in Public bookmarks with assessment biology cartoons dragging dropping interactive_whiteboard iwb pa physiology

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