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  • Stain Removal - School of Fibre Science and Technology
    list of stain removal tips
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  • Stain Removal - School of Fibre Science and Technology
    * Never use very hot water for washing stained garments as this often sets the stains and makes them very difficult or impossible to remove. * Some stains are more easily removed by washing if they are soaked first in cold water, e.g. mud and blood stains, and the brown stain from shoe inner soles. * The use of chemicals is required for removing certain stains. Carry out this treatment before washing. Remove all traces of the chemical. * To apply a stain removing agent to fabric, place a fold of clean rag underneath the stain so that any surplus moisture is absorbed. * To prevent a ring forming around the stain, work from the outside of the stain, in an uneven circular shape, towards the centre, dabbing it very lightly with a pad of clean r
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