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  • A Short Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism
    During both world wars Germany was forced to fight typhus, carried by lice in the constant traffic with the east. That is why all accounts of entry into the German concentration camps speak of shaving of hair and showering and other delousing procedures, such as treatment of quarters with the pesticide Zyklon. That was also the main reason for a high death rate in the camps, and the crematoria that existed in all.
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  • AIDS Facts
    This page was created in connection with a project concerning critical thinking about things you find on the World Wide Web. Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, the so-called facts on this page are bogus.
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  • Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
    Describes necessity and assembly of Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie for prevention of mind control
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    Describes and attempts to educate the world about the true purpose behind "baby changing stations"!
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  • Boilerplate
    History of a victorian era robot - the first mechanical man. Mechanical marvel of the nineteenth century. "The attention to detail is astounding. I only fully decided it was a hoax when I checked the books listed in the site's bibliography and realized that none of them exist"
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  • Buy an ancestor online
    Here and now, at prices less than you ever imagined - you can buy an ancestor - complete with copies of authenticating documents.
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  • Buy Dehydrated Water
    Online store and headquarters for dehydrated water. Check out FAQ.
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  • Dog Island Free Forever
    Over 2,500 dogs are already enjoying a better life at Dog Island. Separated from the anxieties of urban life, dogs on Dog Island are healthy dogs who live a natural, healthy and happy life, free from the stress and hardship associated with daily live among humans.
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  • Drivers License Search - National Motor Vehicle License Search
    National Motor Vehicle License Organization web site - offering a free searchable database of over 128 million U.S. driver's license photos. Search using the box below.
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  • Fake websites – Internet literacy « Rhondda’s Reflections
    I have brought together some of the hoax sites and will work on organizing some suggested activities that will lead the students to “discover” the problems with not evaluating the information they find.
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  • FatFoe Eggplant Extract - Fat Blocker
    Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your favorite foods – pizza, pasta, fried chicken, gooey chocolate deserts – and watch the pounds melt away? Best of all, wouldn’t it be nice to have the trim, shapely figure you’ve always wanted without having to diet or exercise?
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  • GenoChoice
    Create Your Own Genetically Healthy Child Online! You can specifically choose genes that may determine favorable characteristics in your child. With the special help of GenoChoice©, you can truly offer your progeny "the best of nature... before you nurture!"
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  • Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can't Index | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
    Executives at Google, the rapidly growing online-search company that promises to "organize the world's information," announced Monday the latest step in their expansion effort: a far-reaching plan to destroy all the information it is unable to index.
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Executives at Google, the rapidly growing online-search company that promises to "organize the world's information," announced Monday the latest step in their expansion effort: a far-reaching plan to destroy all the information it is unable to index.
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  • Google Technology -- PigeonRank Webpage ranking
    The heart of Google's search technology is PigeonRank™, a system for ranking web pages developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. Building upon the breakthrough work of B. F. Skinner, Page and Brin reasoned that low cost pigeon clusters (PCs) could be used to compute the relative value of web pages faster than human editors or machine-based algorithms. And while Google has dozens of engineers working to improve every aspect of our service on a daily basis, PigeonRank continues to provide the basis for all of our web search tools.
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  • Haggis Hunt 2008/09
    The Great Scottish Haggis Hunt - It is in the nature of the haggis that it should be a creature shrouded in mystery. Over the years many misconceptions have developed about these reclusive creatures. Here we are happy to debunk the most common myths and set the record straight.
    Haggis Hunt - interactive online game where you can win prizes if you spot the Scottish haggis wandering in front of our webcams which are situated among some of Scotland's most stunning scenery.
    andrews burns day haggis haggiss haggus hagguss hagis hagiss hagus haguss patron rabbie robbie robert saint scotland
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  • History of the Fisher-Price Airplane (Tu-164 / FP-72)
    The Fisher-Price Airplane is a relic from the 1970s, a rare example of a Soviet design that was adopted by Western airlines. It is the predecessor of regional jets, which are beginning to form the backbone of major U.S. airlines.
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  • Lies and Truths
    Legit website created by select margarine manufacturers explaining the benefits of using margarine over butter and these specific margarines over others . .
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  • McWhortle Enterprises, Inc.
    McWhortle Enterprises does not exist. It is a complete fabrication, posted by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the North American Securities Administrators Association, and the National Association of Securities Dealers to alert investors to potential on-line frauds. We created this site because we've all seen an increase in the number of investment scams preying on our fears of anthrax and other bio-hazards. This site shows some of the telltale signs of on-line investment fraud. Promises of fast and high profits, with little or no risk, are classic red flags of fraud. Remember — if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!
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  • Museum of Hoaxes
    Hoaxes, Internet pranks, April Fools Jokes, and much more
    A reference guide to hoaxes, pranks, practical jokes, frauds, tricks, and other forms of deception.
    april day fake fools hoaxes jokes misinformation practical pranks publicity stunts tales tall tricks
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    A nonprofit organization dedicated to reforming drug policy and expanding harm reduction (i.e. in favor of legalization and decriminalization leading to less conflict and greater safety). Articles and links view drug abuse and trafficking from this viewpoint.
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