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  • African Forum & Network on Debt & Development (AFRODAD)
    AFRODAD is a civil society organisation born of a desire to secure lasting solutions to Africa’s mounting debt problem which has impacted negatively on the continent’s development process
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  • Bridport
    Bridport & cie s.a. was founded in Geneva in 1991 to act as an independent financial services company specialising in the global bond markets. It is regulated by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission
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  • Country Aggregate Reports - World Bank
    Information about World Bank loans previously available only to borrowing countries is now public and online. The new site details World Bank financing for countries including loans, credits, and grants, disbursements and repayments, types of financial instruments, and lending by sector
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  • Independent Evaluation Group
    The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) is an independent unit within the World Bank. IEG assesses what works, and what does not; how a borrower plans to run and maintain a project; and the lasting contribution of the Bank to a country's overall development. IEG produces evaluations by country, sector, corporate and project levels. You can browse IEG’s most recent publications and reports listed below or search all IEG publications by keywords
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  • Joint External Debt Hub (JEDH) - BIS, IMF, the OECD & the World Bank
    Free online database to facilitate easy, timely, and frequent access to one data set that brings together 26 series that are currently compiled and published by the contributing international agencies (BIS - IMF - OECD- World Bank) on components of countries' external debt and selected foreign assets. Provides a one-stop source of comprehensive external debt statistics compiled from national and creditor/market sources
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  • Omni Bridgeway
    The Omni Bridgeway Group is privately owned and is a provider of Emerging Market Debt ( asset trading and investment, debt collection and rescheduling, management and workout services of distressed political risk debt situations and portfolios and related services such as litigation support, business intelligence and asset tracing) and Ventures (risk capital for insurance, finance and debt related investments where the Group has expertise in its services divisions)
    Omni Bridgeway is an independent investor and provider of services in international finance and legal services industry.
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