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  • XPAR [Language Diversity and Parallel Grammars]
    The goal of XPAR is to determine to what extent the development of parallel deep grammars for typologically diverse languages may support the automatic derivation of high-quality parallel treebanks for those languages. These treebanks could in turn be suitable for a deeper theoretical understanding of the ways in which syntactic functions, semantic roles and translation are interrelated. XPAR intends to further develop computational grammars for Georgian, Tigrinya and Dutch based on common principles and covering all central constructions in the languages, with an existing grammar for Norwegian as a pattern.
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  • XTAG (TAG)
    XTAG is an on-going project to develop a wide-coverage grammar for English using a lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) formalism. XTAG also serves as an system for the development of TAGs and consists of a parser, an X-windows grammar development interface and a morphological analyzer.
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