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  • Arabic script fonts
    Free fonts for several languages (not just Arabic)
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  • Font Support for Unicode Blocks
    (the pointer is to Arabic, but there is coverage for other blocks) Some drawbacks, e.g. it claims 250 code points in the Arabic block. There are 256 code points in all (0600 thorugh 06FF), but in Unicode 5.0, 21 of them are empty, meaning there are in fact only 235 code points that need coverage. Also, the "Unicode BMP Fallback Font" it lists as having 100% coverage is actually a debugging font that doesn't cover *any* characters in the sense of providing their normal glyphs.
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  • Gallery of Unicode Fonts
    Large number of fonts, categorized by writing system.
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  • Harir Arabic font
    Article talks about Nasta'liq, but font (available at currently exists only as Naskh.
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  • IPA and text fonts
    Ideally, you want a font that you can use for both text and IPA. I only know of two fonts that do this well: Gentium and Charis SIL (both available from the SIL website). If I remember correctly, Gentium has Regular and Italic versions, and Charis SIL has Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. Eventually, Doulos SIL will be available with the same four possibilities, but at the moment only Regular is included.
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  • Junicode
    Junicode (short for Junius-Unicode) is a Unicode font for medievalists. Junicode currently contains 2438 characters in the regular style (the italic, bold and bold italic styles are less complete). It implements these Unicode ranges completely (or nearly so): * Basic Latin * Latin 1 Supplement * Latin Extended A * Latin Extended B * IPA Extensions * Spacing Modifier Letters * Greek * Greek Extended * Combining Diacritical Marks * Runic * Phonetic Extensions * Latin Extended Additional *
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  • Kashida spacing
    Use of Kashida (in the context of Internet Explorer, but actually more general).
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  • Libertine Open Fonts
    We work on a versatile font family. It is designed to give you an alternative for fonts like T*mes New Roman. We’re creating free software and publish our fonts under terms of the GPL and OFL. Please have a look at the paragraph concerning the license. It is our aim to support the many western languages and provide many special characters. Our fonts cover the codepages of Western Latin, Greek, Cyrillic (with their specific enhancements), Hebrew, IPA and many more. Furthermore, typographical features such as ligatures, small capitals, different number styles, scientific symbols, etc. are implemented in this font.
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  • Script Source
    SIL site on scripts and resources (such as fonts) for them
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