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  • Behaviour
    Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours. Behaviour is the missing link for your ajax apps.
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  • Dojo -
    Dojo also packs an easy to use widget system. From prototype to deployment, Dojo widgets are HTML and CSS all the way. Best of all, since Dojo is portable JavaScript to the core, your widgets can be portable between HTML, SVG, and whatever else comes down the pike. The web is changing, and Dojo can help you stay ahead.
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  • Max Kiesler
    There are quite a few AJAX demos and examples on the web right now. While these are invaluable to learning AJAX, some people need a bit more information than just a raw piece of code. In todays environment there are many ways to learn AJAX including, books, classes, conferences, workshops and tutorials. Of these the only one that is free and accessible to everyone are web-based tutorials. The following is a list of what I consider the be the best and most helpful AJAX tutorials that I've found over the past year.
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  • Musings from Mars » Ajax/DHTML Library Scorecard
    Ajax/DHTML Library Scorecard: How Cross Platform Are They?
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  • Prototype JavaScript Framework
    JavaScript Framework Prototype is a JavaScript framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications. Featuring a unique, easy-to-use toolkit for class-driven development and the nicest Ajax library around, Prototype is quickly becoming the codebase of choice for web application developers everywhere.
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  • Using prototype.js v1.4.0
    What is that? In case you haven't already used it, prototype.js is a JavaScript library written by Sam Stephenson. This amazingly well thought and well written piece of standards-compliant code takes a lot of the burden associated with creating rich, highly interactive web pages that characterize the Web 2.0 off your back. If you tried to use this library recently, you probably noticed that documentation is not one of its strongest points. As many other developers before me, I got my head around prototype.js by reading the source code and experimenting with it. I thought it would be nice to take notes while I learned and share with everybody else. I'm also offering an un-official reference for the objects, classes, functions, and extensions provided by th
    Prototype.js documentation
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  • XMLHttpRequest & Ajax Based Applications
    Exposed to the masses with Google's Gmail, XMLHttpRequest can get the client side chatting with the server side. The result can be a faster performing web service/ application. The whole gamut of technologies that make up an XMLHttpRequest enabled web service was dubbed AJAX by the folks at Adaptive Path, short for asynchronous javaScript + XML. Oldskoolers like to call it remote scripting...
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    The Web is changing. The 30-year-old terminal-like technology it was originally is gradually giving way to new ways of doing things. The power of AJAX allows for rich user interaction without the trouble that has bugged traditional web applications. Building upon the wonderful Prototype JavaScript library, provides you with some great additional ingredients to mix in.
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  • A List Apart
    Articles: Getting Started with Ajax
    ajax applications dom internet rich scripting xml
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  • Ajax for Java developers
    In this series, I'll give you all the tools you need to begin developing your own applications using Ajax. In this first article, I'll explain the concepts behind Ajax and demonstrate the fundamental steps to creating an Ajax interface for a Java-based Web application. I'll use code examples to demonstrate both the server-side Java code and the client-side JavaScript that make Ajax applications so dynamic. Finally, I'll point out some of the pitfalls of the Ajax approach, as well as the broader usability and accessibility issues you should consider when creating Ajax applications.
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  • Ajax taglib
    Ajax taglib ver. 1.4 Custom JSP taglib lets you deploy Ajax approach in your application. Tag AjaxDiv lets you define an area in your HTML code that will be periodically updated through asynchronous HTTP requests. For example:
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  • AjaxTags: Home
    The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages. AJAX is primarily rooted in JavaScript. However, many server-side developers do not have an extensive knowledge of client-side programming in the browser. It's much easier in some cases for J2EE developers, especially, to simply add a JSP tag to the page to gain the function desired. This tag library fills that need by not forcing J2EE developers to write the necessary JavaScript to implement an AJAX-capable web form. The tag library provides support for live form updates for the following use cases: autocomplete based on character input to an input field, select box population based on selections made from another field,
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  • jQuery
    jQuery is a new type of Javascript library. It is not a huge, bloated, framework promising the best in AJAX - nor is just a set of needlessly complex enhancements
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  • Naked IT » Blog Archive » 2.0 Culture
    2.0 Culture
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