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  • Adding Swap Space on the Fly in Linux
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  • RAID-1, Part 2 | Linux Journal - setting up swap on RAID devices
    How to make a RAID-1 swap device and how to boot from a RAID-1 device, using RAID-1 to facilitate disk backups. If you are using RAID-1 to help to ensure that your system stays up in the event of a hard disk partition failure, you should consider raiding your swap partition(s). If the disk or partition you are using for swap goes bad, your machine may crash. Using a RAID-1 device for a swap partition can help prevent that crash. If one of the mirrored swap partitions goes bad, the kernel automatically will fail over to the other, and your system should keep running until you can fix the disk problem. The steps that can be used to set up swap on a RAID-1 device are outlined below
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