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  • AccessMyLibrary
    News, Research, and Information that Libraries Trust
    AccessMyLibrary provides free access to millions of news and information articles (current and archived) from thousands of journals and publications - simply use your library card, or in some cases a U.S. driver's license, for immediate online access to the AccessMylibrary database.
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  • Haptics-e The Electronic Journal of Haptics Research
    Haptics-e is a rigorously reviewed, scientific and engineering journal of the science and technology behind haptic interaction between humans and computers. It will be created as a volunteer service by a team of editors and reviewers using widespread www technology for the submission, review, and publication of manuscripts submitted by researchers in a variety of disciplines reporting the latest scientific and technological knowledge of haptics.
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  • HCI Bibliography : Human-Computer Interaction Resources
    Human-Computer Interaction is a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them. Search over 36,000 publications about Human-Computer Interaction
    The HCI Bibliography (HCIBIB) is a free-access bibliography on Human-Computer Interaction, with over 60,000 records in a searchable database. HCIBIB.ORG is also one of the premier portals to high-quality information on the development of usable software and Web-based systems.
    bibliography computer design hci human human-computer index interaction interface link portal the usability user webliography
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  • Information Research
    an international electronic journal. Information science, Information management, Information systems, Information retrieval, Digital libraries, Information seeking behaviour, Information seeking behavior, World Wide Web, WWW
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  • International Journal of Internet Science
    A peer reviewed open access journal for empirical findings, methodology, and theory of social and behavioral science concerning the Internet and its implications for individuals, social groups, organizations, and society.
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  • Journal of Digital Information
    First publishing papers in 1997, the Journal of Digital Information is an electronic-only, peer-reviewed journal covering the broad topics related to digital libraries, hypertext and hypermedia systems, and the issues of digital information. JoDI is supported by the Texas A&M University Libraries through the Digital Initiatives, Research and Technology group, and hosted by the Texas Digital Library.
    A peer-reviewed, electronic-only scholarly journal publishing papers on the management, presentation and uses of information in digital environments
    digital hypermedia hypertext information libraries publishing repositories scholarly
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  • Journal of Universal Knowledge Management
    J.UKM - The Journal of Universal Knowledge Management - is a high-quality electronic publication that has its thematic focus on all aspects of Knowledge management. This includes human-oriented, organisational and technology-oriented aspects of knowledge management, alike.
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  • Open Journal Gate
    Open J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global journal literature in open access domain. Launched in 2006, Open J-Gate is the contribution of Informatics (India) Ltd to promote OAI. Open J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online. Open J-Gate is also a database of journal literature, indexed from 3000+ open access journals, with links to full text at Publisher sites.
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  • actKM Forum
    The actKM Forum is a not-for-profit learning community dedicated to building and sharing knowledge about public sector knowledge management, and contributing to improved public sector performance through effective management of knowledge and information resources. It aims to provide an environment where members can create and share knowledge about both public and private sector knowledge management issues.
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  • Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management
    The Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management aims to publish perspectives on topics relevant to the study, implementation and management of knowledge management. The journal contributes to the development of both theory and practice in the field of knowledge management. The journal accepts academically robust papers, topical articles and case studies that contribute to the area of research in, and practice of knowledge management.
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  • Enterprise Open Source Journal
    Enterprise Open Source Journal is the independent, one-stop location that is exclusively focused on the information needs of IT professionals and managers responsible for acquiring, optimizing, maintaining, and aligning mainframe computing resources throughout an enterprise to achieve business objectives.
    executive ibm journal magazine mainframe mainframes mainframezone systems
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  • International Journal of Intelligent Games & Simulation
    This journal publishes papers on AI and simulation tools and the way in which they can be applied in the multimedia, computer games and entertainment industry. See the Scope of IJIGS. It is hoped that this Journal will facilitate interaction between games developers and academia and help to promote the next generation of intelligent games and entertainment. It seems to us that the WWW is the best format for such papers, since it offers rapid publication and accessibility through downloading. However, the Editors plan to issue a consolidated version as a CD-ROM and a paper version may be issued in future if there is sufficient demand.
    with artificial_intelligent computer_science games simulation
  • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
    The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication has a new online submission and review system. Effective August 1, 2006, all manuscript submissions, resubmissions, and reviews will be processed through For more information, see the JCMC guidelines for how to submit a manuscript.
    Computer Mediated Communication: The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
    cmc collaboration communication community computer culture environments mediated online presence reality telepresence virtual
    with communication computer_science
  • Journal of Information Technology Impact (JITI)
    The Journal of Information Technology Impact (JITI) is a scholarly, peer refereed journal that provides a forum and means for exchanging information on the social impact of information technologies. JITI's scope includes the effects of information technology on business, socialization, entertainment, and education. The Journal publishes original research articles, short experimental reports, review monographs, technical notes, as well as special, thematic issues with commentaries
    A peer refereed journal that provides a forum and means for exchanging information on the social impact of information technologies.
    computer impact informatics information jiti journal on-line online peer refereed society systems technology
    with computer_science education information_management information_technology technology
  • Journal of Interactive Media in Education
    JIME's name is open to multiple interpretations, given the variation in usage of each of the component terms. They are to be interpreted broadly: * Interactive - refers both to interaction through the media with other people (e.g. teacher-student, student-student, researcher-teacher), and to interaction with the materials embedded in the media (e.g. control of a simulation or educational game). * Media - refers to the range of modalities which can be used to support learning. Media may represent educational materials, as well as other people relevant to that learning task. Media embraces text, sound, still and animated graphics, video, model worlds and virtual reality, as applied to the delivery of learning materials and communication between releva
    with e-learning education interactive_media
  • Library Student Journal: Welcome!
    Library Student Journal was founded in 2006 by Masters students in the Department of Library and Information Studies at the University at Buffalo. Its authors, readers, and editorial board members include future Library and Information Science (LIS) practitioners around the world. We publish papers on topics of interest to the LIS field as broadly defined.
    Library Student Journal is a peer-reviewed student journal published at the University at Buffalo for an international audience of library and information science students.
    access ala buffalo education informatics information journal librarianship library lis online open peer science student
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  • ACS Digital Library
    The ACS Digital Library provides international quality magazines, journal articles and conference papers, covering innovative research and practice in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). This service is provided free to the ICT profession by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as part of its commitment to ensure the beneficial use of technology for the community.
    with ict technology
  • African Journal of Information & Communication Technology
    African Journal of Information and Communication Technology (AJICT) is a peer reviewed international journal providing a publication vehicle for coverage of topics of interest to those involved in computing, communication networks, electronic communications, information technology systems and Bioinformatics. It is serving as an open source vehicle of the works of researchers in ICT world wide that hitherto would not be available to organisations outside and within the African sub-region.
    African Journal of ICT provides the forum for research publications in ICT, computing, electronic and electrical engineering and information systems from and outside Africa.
    african communication computers engineering ict journal journals online policy practice regulation research
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  • Australasian Journal of Information Systems
    The Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) is an international quality, peer reviewed journal covering innovative research and practice in Information Systems. Craig McDonald, Editor - AJIS Online ISSN 1326-2238 DOI Prefix: 10.3127 AJIS was founded by the Australasian Association for Information Systems (AAIS) in 1993. This online version of the journal is presented in cooperation with the Australian Computer Society (ACS). AJIS publishes high quality contributions to theory and practice in the world-wide Information Systems (IS) discipline, with an emphasis on the Australasian context of the research. The journal welcomes submissions on research and conceptual development based in a very wide range of inquiry methods, ways of thinking and modes
    The Australian Journal of Information Systems is a refereed journal that publishes articles contributing to Information Systems theory and practice.
    aais acs ajis association australasian australia australian computer digital for ict information library society systems
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  • Biodiversity Information Standards - TDWG
    The Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) is a not-for-profit, scientific and educational association formed to establish international collaboration among the creators, managers and users of biodiversity information so as to promote the wider and more effective dissemination of information about the world's heritage of biological organisms for the benefit of the world at large.
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