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  • --WORLDS-- is the pioneering platform in 3D virtual communities and rich immersive environments. Launching in 1994, Worlds leverages its patented proprietary technology in partnership with brand leaders in specific market segments to offer users multi-user environments that have interactive Avatars, rich media graphics, text chat, voice-to-voice chat, video and e-commerce.
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  • 3DXplorer
    is a web3D platform, live 3D collaboration meeting conferencing on the cloud for learning elearning teaching selling
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  • 3dxplorer - Altadyn
    Free web3D platform for developers of virtual worlds 3D websites avatars virtual meetings multi-user chat rooms casual games
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  • Avatars United
    Avatars United is a social network for avatars from all MMO's/virtual worlds, or as Massively puts it: " It's like Facebook for your virtual personas ".
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  • CyberTech News
    Virtual worlds technical news
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  • EasyVMX!
    Virtual Machine Creator
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  • Forterra Systems
    Forterra Systems provides virtual world software that enable our customers and partners to create their own secure and scalable collaborative 3D Internet solutions. Our customers can meet, collaborate, train, communicate, experiment, and socialize over any network with a better experience and lower cost than common alternatives.
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  •® (ghost)
    Cloud computing - online storage, Virtual Computer (VC), Web OS (WebOS, Webtop)
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  • Handsfree 3D
    using 3D cameras to control virtual worlds like Second Life
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  • Immersive Workspaces - Linden Lab & Rivers Run Red
    Immersive Workspaces™ is a premium collaboration solution, enabling enterprises to communicate and collaborate in a rich, 3D environment. Developed exclusively for the Second Life Grid™ platform and private networks, Immersive Workspaces harnesses the potential of virtual worlds and 3D immersive environments to help solve ecological, collaboration and communication issues facing many organizations today.
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  • Katalabs
    We grew out of research into architecting and building projects on the open source Sirikata platform at Stanford. Katalabs was founded with the humble goal of taking this work to scale. We believe the web can be made better through real-time, synchronized collaboration and communication environments built at the intersection of 2D and 3D. These will be delivered through the browser you already use and loaded by simply clicking a link. We are building the tools that will make that possible.
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  • Metaplace
    Metaplace gives you the power to create, share, and live in your own unique virtual world.
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  • Metaplace
    Metaplace is the world's first open platform that harnesses the power of the Web to allow anyone to create, build and live in their own unique virtual world. Our vision is to enable users to build a network of worlds - from community to games to education to business -- creating an ecosystem where they collaborate, socialize and conduct commerce forming new societies and economies as we do in the real world today.
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  • Micazook Homepage
    Project X is an idea that we have had kicking around for a long time and we have been working on for over 4 years now. Michael Fotoohi the founder of the Micazook came up with the initial idea of a PC based MMO mirror earth as far back as the late 1990’s how ever it wasn’t until 2004 that the work finally began.
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  • Multiverse
    Multiverse enables development teams to create high-quality, unique, and engaging virtual worlds and MMOGs faster and for less cost than ever before.
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  • NComputing
    A Virtual desktop company
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  • Open vSwitch
    Open vSwitch is a production quality, multilayer virtual switch licensed under the open source Apache 2.0 license. It is designed to enable massive network automation through programmatic extension, while still supporting standard management interfaces and protocols (e.g. NetFlow, sFlow, SPAN, RSPAN, CLI, LACP, 802.1ag). In addition, it is designed to support distribution across multiple physical servers similar to VMware's vNetwork distributed vswitch or Cisco's Nexus 1000V.
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  • Parrot Virtual Machine
    Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages. Parrot currently hosts a variety of language implementations in various stages of completion, including Tcl, Javascript, Ruby, Lua, Scheme, PHP, Python, Perl 6, APL, and a .NET bytecode translator.
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  • Sirikata
    a BSD licensed open source platform for games and virtual worlds
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  • The Dive Home Page
    The Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment (DIVE) is an internet-based multi-user VR system where participants navigate in 3D space and see, meet and interact with other users and applications. The DIVE software is a research prototype covered by licenses. Binaries for non-commercial use, however, are freely available for a number of platforms. The first DIVE version appeared in 1991.
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